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What is SPA?

What is SPA?

SPA centers, whose importance is realized day by day, have become one of the most interesting places. People who are in the process of spiritual and physical recovery often prefer SPA centers with therapies that help treatment. In addition to hydrotherapy, massages and treatments are also applied in SPA centers. SPA treatments are the application of professional massage techniques not only with water but also with accompanying natural and healing stones, aromatic oils and professional massage techniques. SPA centers apply massages and techniques suitable for your needs.

SPA treatments consist of many treatment supports. Examples include cellulite treatment, skin care or stress relieving massages. What exactly is SPA? SPA is a set of applications that allow you to get away from the stress of the day, revitalize and relax with massages and treatments. With SPA, it is possible to benefit from all kinds of therapy techniques such as anti-cellulite treatment, facial and skin care, cleaning. In our country, as in the whole world, the number of SPA centers is increasing gradually. SPA care and massages seem to be among the most popular applications for a long time. So, what does SPA mean?


SPA consists of the initials of words of Latin origin. The word "Selus Per Aqua", SPA, means "Health from Water". This term, which dates back to the Roman Empire, refers to therapy and massages with water and accompanying oils and stones. It offers the physical and spiritual care that the individual needs. SPA centers, whose main goal is healing, have various applications. However, the starting point is the baths where soldiers returning from war were treated to regain their health. As it first spread to Europe, changes began to emerge within itself according to cultures. "Apart from the literal meaning of the question, the main theme of SPA culture is the treatment with water called hydrotherapy.


The benefits of SPA are countless. It includes methods that provide many benefits both spiritually and physically. The methods applied in SPA therapies, combined with the ambience of the environment, provide relaxing effects to your soul, while your body will find the healing it seeks with aroma therapies and massage techniques. There are different massages and methods used in SPA. You can decide on the techniques according to your body's needs or your expectations. Aroma-therapeutic oils and salt types used during the massage restructure your skin and give it a fresh appearance. Massage oils are perfect for restoring vitality to your body. So, what is a SPA center? Places where hydrotherapy is applied are called SPA centers. SPA offered by SPA centers has many benefits.

  • It helps regulate blood circulation.
  • It is one of the fastest methods to remove toxins from the body.
  • It is supportive for the regular functioning of the digestive system.
  • It has a role in the healing of rheumatic diseases. 
  • It provides softening and relaxation of muscles. It helps to relieve muscle spasms that get tired and harden after heavy sports training.
  • Helps the body regain its dynamism.
  • Helps to eliminate factors such as mental fatigue and stress. Eliminates the negative effects of daily tempo on the nervous system.
  • It takes excessive electricity loaded on the body and provides relaxation.
  • If you experience tension or have problems sleeping at night, it eliminates these problems with its healing effect.
  • It reveals visible differences in getting the body in shape, eliminating cellulite and beautification.

The benefits of the techniques applied can be listed as follows.

  • Balinese massage: concentrates on the energy flow of the body. It is applied with various stretching methods and brings novelty and strength to the body.
  • Swedish massage: a type of massage based on the direction of blood flow. It treats different muscle groups. Its main goal is to be effective on the whole body.
  • Shiatsu massage: a powerful massage technique using the acupressure technique. It addresses the energy flow of the whole body. It is believed to have the power to cure some diseases. It is a massage technique beneficial for organ functions.
  • Athlete massage: It is applied for recovery and rehabilitation purposes for athletes. The technique, which is a Swedish massage practice, is thought to improve performance before sports and create a relaxing effect after sports.
  • Anti-stress massage: the focus is on the head and shoulders. Aromatic oils are used to relax the muscles. It is especially popular with people who are exposed to a lot of stress during the day.
  • Foot Reflexology: focuses on pressure points on the foot. Widely practiced in Southeast Asia, foot reflexology has the ability to revitalize the body.


When we think of SPA care, only water should not come to mind. The main elements of this care are healing stones and aromatic oils. Professional massage techniques are as important as water, aromatic oils, salts and stones in SPA care. When you apply to a SPA center, you can choose from different methods.

SPA is a form of massage applied with water. However, the energy of natural stones and the effects of aromatic oils are definitely utilized. After determining the method that will suit the needs of the person, the application begins. The aromatic oils and natural stones to be used during the application are also included in the method according to the needs of the person. SPA massage regulates blood circulation and provides mental and physical relaxation. Today, the SPA pool is also very popular for those who want to benefit from the various advantages of SPA. Jacuzzi is one of the most comfortable methods used to get rid of the stress of the day. Especially thanks to these SPA bathtubs, which offer the opportunity to apply hydrotherapy at home, massage pleasure can also be experienced together. 

Today, SPA bathtubs are no longer used only in hotels and SPA centers. Home bathrooms, bedrooms and gardens are the main areas of jacuzzi use. The most important issue here is their correct use. SPA bathtubs are filled with water before use. Because their motors need to be filled with water to work. Some jacuzzi models also have the ability to keep the water at the same temperature. This heater feature allows you to take a comfortable shower without supplementing hot water. If you want to use the massage feature of your jacuzzi after filling the water, you should activate the current supply button. After adjusting the jets in the massage direction, the pressurized water reaches the desired part of your body and starts to massage.

SPA pools are also frequently seen in SPA centers and hotels. Equipped with the necessary equipment for the body to relax and be healthy, pools help you relieve the stress of the day and gain strength.


The rules of the SPA center are wondered by customers who will experience it for the first time. SPA centers have an extremely comfortable environment. From the moment you enter the door, the music you hear and the atmosphere you feel will help you relax and unwind. SPA rules are quite simple. The most important thing is to feel comfortable. It is important to arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment to feel more comfortable and prepared. You should have enough time to take your shower and get ready for the therapy. 

If there is an important point you should pay attention to in terms of your health, you should definitely inform the SPA specialist before the massage. Thus, you will avoid any wrong application to any part of the body. It is important to ensure complete rest and relaxation in SPA centers used for rest and relaxation. For this, it is an important rule to leave your cell phone in the locker room. For any other rules or extra information, you can get help from the staff before going to the SPA center.

In the SPA center, customers use towels, loincloths, bathrobes and slippers. Clothes such as bikinis and swimsuits can also be used in the SPA pool or hammam. During the massage, it is recommended not to wear any rubberized material that may affect blood circulation in the body.


Stones come to the fore in SPA services. SPA, which creates a much more purifying and powerful effect with the help of crystals and natural stones, is one of the biggest helpers on the way to being healthy. What is SPA massage? The use of natural stones, aromatic oils and water combine to support healing in the body. Natural stones can be placed in the energy centers of the bodies, just as they can be placed in a room to clean the energy of the environment. Thus, the effect of SPA goes to the next level.

Crystal stone therapies and holistic therapies aim to relax muscles and joints. They are very popular for eliminating mental fatigue. The frequencies that emerge through the stones provide the support the chakras need. Let's examine the stones used in SPA and their benefits.

Amethyst stone: Amethyst is among the natural stones and crystals that we are most used to seeing in SPA centers. Amethyst is defined as a stone of positive energy. It brings serenity and calmness to the environment with its color and sparkle. Amethyst has an effect on the crown chakra. If the crown chakra works unbalanced, some imbalances and inadequacies begin to emerge spiritually. Amethyst is famous for emitting the frequency that will eliminate this situation.

Selenite stone: It is a precious stone that helps to eliminate negative energies. Selenite, which has a white color, cleanses negative energy and helps to raise the vibration. Thanks to these effects, the SPA experience becomes more peaceful. Selenite stone is associated with spirituality as it carries cleansing energies. Therefore, it is effective on the crown chakra. It eliminates depressive moods. Thanks to selenite stone, your mind is cleared of negative thoughts.

Rose quartz :Rose quartz, also known as pink quartz, is one of the most basic natural stones. Rose quartz represents self-love and love. It is effective in relaxing thoughts with the positive energies it carries. Rose quartz creates a much stronger massage effect, especially when combined with appropriate products in skin care applications. Of course it represents the heart chakra. 

Jade stone: A symbol of purity, serenity and harmony. It is very effective in cleansing your mind from fatigue. Jade stone strengthens focus by restraining the confusion and thought storms in your mind. Jade stone is frequently preferred in skin care, especially in recent years. Its antioxidant and rejuvenating effect, combined with various facial massagers, makes your care routines enjoyable. The effect of jade on the heart chakra is also known.


The duration of the SPA service varies according to the needs of the person, but can be applied from 20 minutes to 60 minutes. What is Nail SPA, which has started to appear quite a lot recently? It is a Hand SPA method applied to the entire area, including the nail, according to the needs of the hands. The main purpose of the care is to eliminate possible problems or to slow down the problems. First, a detailed analysis is made. The needs of the hands are determined and dead cells in the nail root are removed. Cutting and filing the nails is also included in this process. With Nail SPA, peeling, special serum applications, anti-aging applications are performed. As a result of the application, which lasts about an hour, hands become both healthier and more relaxed.


Today's SPA treatments are excellent exfoliating treatments that remove dead skin. When water is complemented with aromatic oils during SPA, it produces excellent results.

SPA is a very effective method for people to relieve their daily fatigue and eliminate some ailments in their bodies. However, the situation changes in some diseases. Before doing SPA, the person should inform the center about his/her discomfort, if any. Especially in some cases, it would be better not to benefit from SPA.

  • Not suitable for people who have recently had or will have any heart disease or operation.
  • Not suitable for cancer patients, active tuberculosis patients, people with extremely high or low blood pressure.
  • Not suitable for patients at risk of epilepsy or similar seizures, patients with advanced heart, liver and kidney failure.
  • It is also not suitable for patients with hemorrhagic diseases, various diseases with high fever and diarrhea, or flu infections with a fever above 39 degrees.
  • Asthma patients, pregnant and puerperant women, uncontrolled diabetics are also among the risk groups.


SPA centers are areas that have an important place in many physical and mental treatments in human health served by professional teams. SPA centers should be areas that relax the person from the moment they enter and make them feel good. In SPA service, the services provided by an expert staff can achieve success. There are various application areas in the SPA center. Pool, sauna, salt room, massage room, hammam are good examples of these. 

In order for each of them to have different relaxing effects on the person, it is necessary to include differences in their concepts. First of all, it should meet the wishes and needs of the person. SPA centers provide services with various applications such as Hydrotherapy (Water Therapy), Thalasso Therapy (sea water therapy), Balneotherapy (hot spring water therapy), Mud baths. Some centers also create SPA manicure application areas. What is SPA manicure? Not only the body but also the hands and nails need regular care and attention. It supports hand and nail care. It also ensures that the cuticles grow smoothly. In SPA manicure and pedicure, forceps and scissors are used if necessary. The cuticle is pushed back without being cleaned with scissors. Various oils and cuticle removers come into play at this stage.

The SPA construction phase is also varied. The SPA must be designed before proceeding to the preparation phase. Project details are developed in cooperation with customers. All processes are kept at an optimum level to meet the expectations and needs of the customers. The design process is one of the most important steps. Customers are also involved in the process together with the design team. First of all, the materials and all equipment to be used, especially the application area, must be carefully positioned. The concept is determined by considering all these elements. As the project unfolds step by step, all the details are communicated to the customers in the form of a schedule to determine the overall project budget.

In the implementation phase, the implementation of the projected services takes place. Construction materials and various decoration elements are brought together and all work to ensure customer satisfaction is completed. The last stage is maintenance. The process is not completed with the end of the construction. Maintenance work is carried out regularly to develop a quality service. Let's take a look at where the SPA will be built.

Club SPA: It is a membership system. Spa activities are based on daily use.

Cruise Ship-Cruise SPA : It is a SPA service located inside cruise ships. In addition to SPA services, professional treatments, therapies and personal exercise activities are also available.

Day SPA (Day SPA): It is one of the SPA types we often hear about. Overnight stays are not included in SPA centers that serve daily. Users prefer to relieve their mind and body fatigue.

Visit Destination SPA: It is a service provided by professional teams to maintain physical health. Users stay in facilities in these service programs to relax and recover.

Health/Medical SPA: It is an application that combines traditional methods and modern SPA services offered for treatment purposes. Health personnel also take part in these centers.

Thermal / Spa SPA: It is a SPA that includes natural minerals, hydrotherapy and SPA applications made with thermal water or sea water.

Hotel/Resort SPA: These are SPA applications served by professional teams in a hotel. These centers aim to heal people.


Even if you stay in SPA centers for a short time, all the stress of the day disappears. For this reason, various materials are needed in SPA centers.

  • Steam room fixtures,
  • Pools
  • Snow room
  • Ice fountain
  • SPA wellness showers,
  • SPA materials such as sauna lotion are a must.

Some supporting products are also used in SPA. Aromatic oils, stones and expert opinion and No SPA are examples of these. So, what is No SPA?  No-SPA is a supplement that helps to relax the smooth muscles of the urogenital organs, digestive and circulatory system. It also improves tissue blood circulation.


Baths, pools and SPAs are the areas where heat and humidity are the most intense. They should be furnished with special tiles resistant to heat and humidity. In your choices, you should turn to products that are resistant to chemicals such as chlorine used in effective pools against abrasion. Printed tiles can be used in pools for years. In SPA centers where you can use various patterns and colors, the choice of tiles should be suitable for SPA conditions. The most important criterion among the tile models that will completely change the atmosphere is quality. It is time to meet with the most suitable tile options for your taste and space among the high quality products brought together with the user by the company!

Tiles with different sizes have features that you can easily use in SPA flooring. Porcelain tiles are much more durable compared to pool ceramics thanks to the special techniques used in the production phase. Silver Travertine, Piazza Azur, Universal pool tiles, porcelain anti-bacterial tiles and other porcelain tile types meet you with the difference of Serapool Porcelain.

Serapool Porcelain offers its customers the opportunity to find all the features they want to use in the design of a pool at the same time. On its way with the understanding of quality, it attaches importance to hygiene and the production of long-lasting products. It brings aesthetics to the forefront with every meticulously prepared pattern, color and detail. It strives to be a special part of your designs every day to make your dreams come true. It continues to produce solutions with an innovative perspective. Acting with a boutique production approach, Serapool Porcelain prepares special works for each pool and offers products suitable for the taste and purpose of each customer. Serapool Porcelain witnesses the user experiencing happy moments in an aesthetic and hygienic living space.

SPA, which has helpful effects in the treatment of many diseases, can also give effective results in SPA rheumatism. Well, inflammatory rheumatism is the name given to the disease.


There are many elements that make up the cost of SPA construction. Depending on the size of the area, wet flooring, pool, therapy room equipment, employee costs should all be evaluated as a whole. Although the cost may seem high at first, the return will be high with a good service.