IC Hotels Residence Pool Project

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Firuze Mix, which is preferred in the villa pool of IC Hotels Residence in Antalya, adds an aesthetic appearance to the pools with its turquoise color, while reflecting the relaxing power of water to the pools. Firuze, which is considered the color of balance because it contains the blue of the sky and the green of the earth, also positively affects your mental and physical health. With Firuze Mix, which spreads the peace and calmness of blue and the vitality of green, stress and fatigue disappear. Porcelain Monoblock grilles used around the pool also impress with their natural and elegant appearance, providing a harmonious integrity with the interior of the pool. Stair non-slips, which are preferred on the steps, prevent the risk of slipping and falling at the entrance and exit of the pool with their finely thought details. Thus, the anti-slip stair, which integrates the relaxing effect of the pools with a safe use, allows you to enter the pool with peace of mind.

Products used in this project