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Porcelain pool handles used as pool edge products are as important as porcelain pool tiles preferred in swimming pools. These products play an important role in making the time that people using the pool will be spent on the pool quality and safety. They also prevent the occurrence of life-threatening situations.

Porcelain products with special cross-sections lining the edge of swimming pools are classified as handles. Pool handles have excellent chemical and physical resistance with special production and firing.

Porcelain pool handles, one of the indispensable complementary products of swimming pools, are deep enough for the swimmer to grasp with his hand and make it easier to hold on. In addition, thanks to its cobalt and light blue color, it increases the effect on the perception of the pool shape.

You can apply cobalt-colored porcelain poolside handles that are resistant to outdoor conditions as pool handrails.

Porcelain pool handles are the largest complementary elements of a swimming pool. With 40 years of knowledge and experience in the industry, Serapool focuses its expertise and concentration entirely on porcelain pool tiles and complementary products, manufacturing products with the most excellent technical performance and unique features for swimming pools, maximizing quality and safety.

The fact that Serapool pool handles are 100% porcelain ensures that the products are long-lasting, healthy, and hygienic.

First of all, porcelain is a 100% natural material made from earth, minerals, glazes, and pigments. Serapool processes these natural raw materials not only with traditional and artisanal methods but also with innovative technology and inspiring designs.

Porcelain pool handles consist of a matte surface and have a non-slip grip surface. Porcelain pool handles, which are not affected by rapid temperature changes, remain waterproof, stain-resistant, and hygienic thanks to their non-porous structure.

Porcelain pool handles, which are also resistant to heavy loads and foot traffic with their durable structure, are extremely resistant to strong sunlight, high-concentration pool chemicals; stains, dirt, mold, and moisture-induced deterioration.

The minimal maintenance, durability, and long life of porcelain pool handles, and the fact that they do not require renovation and repair, minimize the costs arising from the use and operation of the pool in the medium and long term.

The fact that porcelain pool handles can be used around swimming pools also allows for a holistic and aesthetic appearance with the porcelain pool tiles used in the pool.

Swimming pools require the use of different materials, different adhesive materials, and different flooring details inside, outside, and around. These different manufacturing details can create problems during or after the application. Serapool prevents such problems by manufacturing all its products from porcelain.

Serapool, which offers comprehensive and rich pool tile collections made entirely of porcelain with a holistic and sustainable approach to swimming pools, prioritizes safety in pools. In addition to the many innovative solutions it offers for this, it produces tiles with high non-slip properties that minimize the risk of slipping in and around the pool. These are gingham non-slip tiles, profiled non-slip tiles, and gingham beveled stair anti-slip tiles for Olympic pools, which are mostly used for sports purposes.

The most crucial point in the selection of tiles to be used in swimming pools is to choose the appropriate product for the required place and to prevent accidents that may occur as a result of slipping. The risk of accidents can be minimized by using products with various classes of non-slip properties on wet floors.

There are various international standards and test methods for determining the non-slip class. Serapool Porcelain performs tests according to EN 16165 Annex-C Pendulum Test standard.

Products with low slip potential, expressed with 40+PTV, are used in wet areas that require high slip resistance, such as barefoot wet floors such as showers and pool surroundings, Olympic pools; jumping platforms, turn panels, and foot stepping areas.

Gingham non-slip tiles, which have unglazed models, are also available in light blue and cobalt colors and respond to the needs and wishes of users with different color options.  

Gingham beveled stair anti-slippers provide a safe walk in and out of the pool by preventing the risk of slipping and falling on the stair steps in the pool. Specially produced by Serapool to prevent slippery stairs, stair non slippers have a long service life and a hygienic structure with its water-repellent feature.

Produced in various models such as unglazed, semi-glazed, and fully glazed, stair nonskids also offer stylish options in cobalt and light blue colors.

As a result of its R&D studies, Serapool produces non-slip tiles with high non-slip properties especially for Olympic pools used for sports open to public use and in accordance with the standards of the International Swimming Federation (formerly FINA, now WORLD AQUATICS) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).  The products offer safe use for Olympic swimming pools with double-sided non-slip features.

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Universal Series
  • Colors

    Cherry Red
    Mustard - Navy Blue
    White Satin
    Black - Grey
    Pool Blue
    Grey - Brown
    Rose Pink
    Unglazed - Cobalt
    Matte Beige
    Red - Light Red
    Dark Milky Coffee
    Cobalt - White
    Ice Green
    Red - Orange
    Dark Grey
    Oil Green
    Mat Cotto
    Dark Blue
    Beige - Brown
    Porcelain Colour
    Light Blue
    Water Blue
    Unglazed - Green
    Turquoise - Navy Blue
    Nile Green
    Green - Yellow
    Unglazed - Turquoise
    Unglazed - Light Blue
    Water Green
    Double Blue (Blue - Light Blue)
    Triple Mix (Blue - Light Blue - Aqua Blue)
    Pink - Purple
    Red Coffee - Coffee
    Dark Green
    Cobalt Harmony
    Cobalt - Unglazed
    Cobalt - Light Blue - White
    Cobalt - Light Blue
    Light Green
    Light Blue - Blue
    Light Blue - Cobalt
    Light Red - Red
    Light brown
    Anthracite Grey
  • Dimensions

    9 x 50 cm
    25 x 25 cm
    25,4 x 25,4 cm
    28,6 x 25 cm
    30 x 30 cm
    33 x 66 cm
    38,5 x 38,5 cm
    5,5 x 25 cm
    5,5 x 25 cm
    8 x 23,5 x 27,8 cm
    25 x 30 cm
    25,6 x 25,6 cm
    28,6 x 28,6 cm
    30 x 50 cm
    33 x 50
    4 x 25 cm
    5,75 x 25 cm
    6,5 x 25 cm
    8 x 25 cm
    ∅ 2,65
    25 x 50 cm
    25 x 25 cm
    3,2 x 3,2 x 25 cm
    30,6 x 30,6 cm
    33 x 66 cm
    4,1 x 4,1 x 25 cm
    4 x 33 cm
    60 x 60 cm
    8,5 x 25 cm
    ∅ 50
    5 x 10 cm
    4 x 4 cm
    25 x 65 cm
    28,6 x 12,5 cm
    3,5 x 3,5 x 25 cm
    33 x 33 cm
    38 x 25 cm
    7,2 x 25 cm
    16,5 x 66
    125 x 250
    25+25 x 25+25 cm
    28,6 x 12,5 cm
    30 x 25 cm
    33 x 50 cm
    38 x 38 cm
    5 x 25 cm
    5 x 5 cm
    7,5 x 25 cm
    9,84 inç
    10 x 10 cm
    10 x 20 cm
    10,5 x 25 cm
    12,5 x 12,5 cm
    12,5 x 14,5 x 25 cm
    12,5 x 25 cm
    12,5 x 50 cm
    14 x 25 cm
    15 x 12,5 cm
    15 x 15 cm
    15 x 15,5 cm
    15 x 25 cm
    16,5 x 16,5 cm
    18 x 12,5 cm
    18 x 18,7 cm
    18 x 25 cm
    2,5 x 2,5 cm
    2,5 x 2,5 x 25 cm
    2,5 x 5 cm
    20 cm
    20 x 20 cm
    20 x 25 cm
    20 x 50 cm
    21,8 x 21,8 cm
    22,3 x 12,5 cm
    22,3 x 15 cm
    22,3 x 23 cm
    23,3 x 25 cm
    23 x 25 cm
    23,4 x 12,5 cm
    23,4 x 23,4 cm
    23,4 x 25 cm
    23,5 x 12,5 cm
    23,5 x 23,5 cm
    23,5 x 25 cm
    23,6 x 25 cm
    25 cm
    25 x 23 cm
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