Porcelain Pool Coping

Porcelain pool handles used as pool edge products are as important as porcelain pool tiles preferred in swimming pools. Because these products play an important role in making the time that people using the pool will spend in the pool quality and safe, they also prevent the occurrence of life-threatening situations. 

Porcelain, regularly placed around swimming pools, and specially cut products are considered in the coping category. Pool coping has excellent chemical and physical resistance with special production and firing.

Porcelain pool handles, which are indispensable complementary products of swimming pools, are at a depth that the swimmer can grasp with his hand and make it easier to hold on. In addition, thanks to its cobalt and light blue color, it increases the effect on the perception of the pool shape.

You can apply cobalt-coloured porcelain poolside handles, which are resistant to outdoor conditions, as pool handrails.

Porcelain pool copings are the largest complementary elements of a swimming pool. Serapool, with 40 years of knowledge and experience in the sector, focuses its expertise and concentration entirely on porcelain pool tiles and complementary products, manufacturing its products with the most excellent technical performance and unique features for swimming pools from porcelain, maximizing quality and safety.

The fact that Serapool pool copings are 100% porcelain ensures that the products are long-lasting, healthy, and hygienic. 

First, porcelain is a 100% natural material made from earth, minerals, glazes, and pigments. Serapool processes these natural raw materials with traditional and artisanal methods, innovative technology, and inspiring designs.

Porcelain pool handles consisting of a matt surface have a non-slip grip surface. Porcelain pool handles, which are not affected by rapid temperature changes, remain waterproof, stain-resistant, and hygienic thanks to their non-porous structure.

Porcelain pool copings, which are also resistant to heavy loads and foot traffic with their durable structure, are extremely resistant to strong sunlight, high concentration pool chemicals; stains, dirt, mold, and moisture-induced deterioration. 

The minimum maintenance requirement, durability, and long life of porcelain pool handles, and the fact that they do not require renovation and repair, minimize the costs arising from the use and operation of the pool in the medium and long term. 

The fact that porcelain pool handles can be used around swimming pools also allows a holistic and aesthetic appearance with porcelain pool tiles used in the pool. 

The use of different materials inside, outside, and around the swimming pools requires different adhesive materials and different flooring details. These different manufacturing details can create problems during or after application. Serapool prevents such problems by manufacturing all its products from porcelain.

Due to the excellent properties of porcelain, today, Serapool porcelain pool tiles and complementary products are preferred in more than 100 countries in many different parts of the world, from Turkiye to the Far East, from America to Europe, from Scandinavia to Africa, from the Caucasus to Australia, regardless of climate, geography, and culture.

Advantages of Porcelain Pool Handles

Some advantages of porcelain pool handles in comparison with other types of handles such as natural stone, ceramic, marble, and granite are as follows:

  1. Durability: Because porcelain is fired at high temperatures, it is more durable than other materials. It shows superior resistance to chemicals, abrasion, and weather conditions.
  2. Ease of Care: Porcelain surfaces are stain-resistant and non-porous, making them easy to clean. Materials such as natural stone and marble, on the other hand, tend to stain because they are more porous.
  3. Color and Design Options: Porcelain offers a variety of color and pattern options. Natural stone and marble may have more limited color options.
  4. LongevityPorcelain retains its color and texture in long-term use. Natural stone and marble, on the other hand, can wear and change color over time.
  5. Ease of Installation: Porcelain can be lighter and in some cases easier to install than natural stone or marble.

Maintenance and Cleaning of Pool Handles

  1. Cleaning Clean porcelain surfaces regularly. Remove dirt and debris from the surface using mild detergent and a soft cloth.
  2. Attention to Chemicals: Check the pH balance and chlorine levels regularly to prevent pool chemicals from damaging the handles.
  3. Visual Check: Regularly perform a visual inspection for cracks, fractures, or signs of wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do porcelain handles last?

Porcelain pool handles offer high durability and longevity. Under proper care and proper use, they can maintain their quality for years.

How to assemble it?

Mounting is done using special adhesives and cement. The surface must be flat and clean. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper installation.

How to care for it?

Porcelain pool handles can be easily maintained by regular cleaning and maintaining chemical balance. Its non-porous structure provides resistance to stains and dirt.

Are there color and design options?

Porcelain handles are available in a variety of colors and patterns. This allows you to make a choice that matches the design of your pool.

Is there a risk of breakage or cracking?

Porcelain is a material with high durability. However, the risk of breakage or cracking is very low unless it is subjected to extreme impacts.

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