Porcelain Ground Joining Parts: 90° Angles with Internal and External Bends

Porcelain ground joints add aesthetic appeal to your pools while offering a practical solution at the same time. Concave and convex pieces with 90° angles resist harsh conditions. Their ideal use in pools is due to their water-resistant structure.

Porcelain's ability to minimize water absorption greatly reduces the problems that can arise from moisture in these areas. While helping to keep surfaces more hygienic, the importance of floor fittings increases by providing long-term protection against puddles and splashes. The natural beauty of porcelain and different color options add aesthetic value to pools, as well as simplifying maintenance processes with its easy-to-clean structure. In addition, 90° angle pieces offer an aesthetic appearance in corner joints, as they allow corners to be joined more smoothly and completely. They speed up and simplify the installation process by eliminating the need for complex cutting and application at corner points. They also support faster and more efficient project completion. Porcelain floor fittings offer both a functional and aesthetic solution in areas exposed to water. They not only contribute to making spaces more stylish and practical but also offer the advantages of long-term durability and easy maintenance.

Concave and Convex Parts: Safety and Aesthetics Combined

Our concave and convex ground joints, with their 100% porcelain structure, significantly minimize water absorption. This feature prevents the formation of bacteria and mold in places exposed to water, thus creating more hygienic and healthy spaces.

Concave and convex floor joints resist high-temperature changes, frost, and various climatic conditions. This durability ensures that the parts retain their shape for a long time and can be used for many years. They are also very strong against impacts, so they do not crack or break easily, even when subjected to physical impact.

The special design of the parts reduces the use of joints during installation. Using less joint material reduces costs and ensures faster and cleaner installation. Their special design saves labor during the installation process and allows projects to move faster. Easy installation is a great advantage, especially in large areas or projects with time constraints.

Aesthetically, these porcelain floor fittings add a modern and stylish look to spaces. With a variety of color and pattern options, they can adapt to any pool and elevate its overall design. These pieces will be indispensable for your pools as both a functional and decorative solution.

90° Porcelain Angle Pieces: Perfection in Corner Joints

Porcelain 90-degree angle pieces have features that combine aesthetics and functionality, making them particularly ideal for corner joints. Although these pieces have many of the same technical features as our concave and convex floor joints, they are specifically designed to fit in corners. They feature porcelain's low water absorption, which allows them to perform well even in areas exposed to moisture and water. This creates more hygienic environments, greatly reducing the growth of bacteria and mold.

The gusset pieces are also resistant to climatic conditions and physical impacts, ensuring long-lasting and robust use. This feature guarantees that the pieces maintain their aesthetic appearance even in variable weather conditions. The high durability makes them an ideal choice for locations with frequent traffic and risk of impact.

The design of these angle pieces greatly facilitates the installation process in corners. Thanks to the specially designed structure, it is possible to achieve a neat and aesthetic result by ensuring that the pieces fit perfectly in the corners. It speeds up the installation process and ensures that less time is spent during installation. This increases work efficiency.

In addition to cost and time savings, these angle pieces are also aesthetically appealing. Available in different colors and patterns, they can be adapted to any interior or exterior pool design and add a modern touch. These features make 90° porcelain corner pieces, which are not only a practical solution but also visually rich, preferable.

Porcelain pool edge fittings make your pools safer and visually stylish by both increasing safety and improving aesthetics. The concave and convex parts and 90° angles are of superior quality, thanks to their properties that differentiate your pools with excellent performance and exposure to water. They are particularly notable for their resistance to high water absorption and their anti-bacterial properties. Thanks to their durability, they offer long-term and trouble-free use against harsh climatic conditions such as freezing and high temperatures.

Porcelain floor fittings not only beautify your pools, but also make your pools more stylish and useful, as well as providing long-term use and ease of maintenance, attracting attention with their modern designs and durability.

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