Petit Carre Step Antislip Tile - L - Cobalt + Unglazed

Stair anti-slip products are specially produced to prevent the slipperiness of the stairs to be used in the pool entrance and exit. Thanks to these products, you can avoid slipping and falling on the stairs and you can safely enter and exit the pool. One of the main requirements for high quality pools is pool ladder tiles with a long service life and high anti-slip properties. Although pool ladder non-slip can be produced in the form of metal and ceramic ladder steps, 100% porcelain ladder step has a much more aesthetic appearance than these and offers a much higher service life. Petit Carre Rounded Side Stair Step Antislip External Corner product, which has much less water absorption rate than stair ceramic, offers a much more aesthetic and natural appearance than metal stair steps. Thanks to its minimum water absorption feature, it can be preferred in the construction of pools where hygiene and health are at the forefront, such as school pools, hotel pools and public pools. Contact us to get information about dozens of different stair step tiles and stair tile models in different sizes.


Dimensinos 30 x 25 cm