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What is Winter Pool Cover?

What is Winter Pool Cover?

If there is no protection in your pool or if your pool is not in an enclosed area, it gets dirty and gives a bad appearance due to external factors such as weather conditions, dirt, soil, garbage when not in use. Pool cover is a pool enclosure equipment that provides a great advantage to protect the pool against environmental factors, especially in the harsh winter months. Storms and strong winds during the winter months can cause dirt accumulation and blockages in the pool. You can use pool cover to find the pool you will use frequently during the summer months as clean as you left it.

Pool covers are one of the alternatives that make life easier. Thanks to these thin and durable products covering the pool, you will also save on pool cleaning costs. The raw materials of pool covers are designed to be resistant to both tears and sunlight. These special products, which completely cover the pool and prevent the formation of algae and bacteria, are produced in various sizes and colors.

Thanks to pool covers, you can always see your pool spotlessly clean and use it whenever you want. If you want to make an investment in your pool, you should first decide to buy a winter pool cover. Winter and summer pool covers produced with quality materials are light and durable. It prevents dirt and waste coming from outside from entering the pool. Preventing the formation of algae and bacteria is one of the most important known benefits.


Pool covers, which ensure that outdoor swimming pools, which are actively open for use almost every day in the summer months, can be protected in winter as well as in summer, both protect from loss of time and save money. There are two types of pool covers, summer and winter. Pool covers, which can be used in summer or winter, keep factors such as garbage, dust and dirt from the environment away from the pool. There are also alternative covers for inflatable pools. Inflatable pool cover prevents garbage that can enter the pools from the outside and keeps the water clean.

Pool covers are preferred in terms of full protection and health, as well as being the choice of many people due to energy saving.  People who use pool covers get the most efficient form of savings. Pool covers that provide full protection also eliminate the danger of children and pets falling into the pool. The pool cover, which prevents the pool from getting dirty, extends the life and duration of use of pools used for recreational purposes. Pool covers, which are long-lasting in indoor pools as well as outdoor pools, aim to provide a comfortable use to their users. .

A pool cover is an ideal choice for users who enjoy fun and want to swim in cool weather. Offering a quality comfort of use, pool covers prevent the pool from being constantly emptied and filled as it saves energy. It also protects the interior of the pool.


The pool cover, which can also be used in summer, provides great advantages to pool owners, especially in winter. In winter months, there is much more dust, soil and dirt due to adverse weather conditions. All of these settle on the open pools and over time, it creates a bad image and causes time and financial loss. We have listed the advantages of using a winter pool cover to eliminate all these negative effects.


One of the biggest advantages of pool covers is that they shorten the cleaning time. Pool covers, which shorten the swimming pool maintenance time, serve to keep leaves, debris and dirt away from the swimming pool water. You should use a pool cover to keep the pool water crystal clear for a long time. By having a pool cover, you can protect your swimming pool from harsh winter conditions. With a pool cover over the swimming pool, the heat of the pool water will be kept inside.  Hygiene in children's pools is just as important as in adult pools. With Children's pool cover you can ensure that your child always has a clean pool.


When used regularly, pool covers keep away residues such as dirt, dust and soil that may form in the pool. In such a case, it prevents an additional burden on cleaning costs. Covers that prevent the formation of residues such as algae and bacteria in the pool during the winter months reduce the cost of chemical maintenance. Another important factor that comes to mind when it comes to hygiene products is the costs to be undertaken to take hygiene measures for animals such as cats and dogs. Car back seat cat and dog covers, pool cover fabrics protect vehicles from many external factors. This reduces the cost of the cleaning equipment you will use.


When there is no protection in swimming pools, there is a great risk for children and animals. Some precautions should be taken to prevent drowning in children and pets. Having a pool cover over an unattended swimming pool will be very useful to prevent such accidents from happening. A pool cover can be considered as a safety tool.

Acting as a shield over the swimming pool, a pool cover prevents accidental accidents for small children, pets and foreign visitors. Pool covers eliminate the possibility of harm to both you and the people you care about without the need for supervision. You can invest in safety by purchasing a Bestway pool cover. Thanks to this cover, you will not only ensure safety, but also save money from your budget.  

Pool covers reduce your need for additional water, water treatment chemicals and cleaning and maintenance costs. Therefore, you can save a great deal of money in operating costs.


A pool cover over the swimming pool also significantly reduces the amount of energy needed to ventilate the pool room in indoor pools. Pool covers ensure that you need very little ventilation and exhaust fans and therefore save energy. Not only will you save on large energy bills because you will prevent evaporation, but you will also save 50% on makeup water. In addition, up to 60% of the chemicals used for water treatment can be saved. 

Because evaporation is suppressed in indoor pools, fewer corrosive sanitation chemicals are released into the air. This also reduces moisture damage and acidic corrosion in the building structure. We have mentioned many different advantages of energy-saving pool covers. If you want to take advantage of all the advantages, you can do a detailed research about bestway pool cover and buy one of the most suitable products for your own measurements.


Some precautions should be taken in swimming pools, especially in winter. One of these measures is pool covers. You will better understand the importance of protecting the pool from external factors and weather conditions in winter when you start using a pool cover. Thanks to the winter pool cover, the possibility of animals, children and adults falling into the pool is eliminated. The covers, which can be practically connected to the patio section of the pool with hooks, stand taut thanks to the hooks.

Winter covers, which have a light and robust structure, are designed to protect the pool from the sun's rays. Bestway prefabricated pool cover is also highly preferred thanks to its practical use and its ability to prevent algae and bacteria growth. Winter pool cover options have 2 usage features.

  • Automatic pool cover
  • Manual pool cover


Automatic pool cover is an electronically controlled product. Thanks to its electronic components, the cover has the feature of being retractable in a practical way. The covers, which are moved by remote control, are mounted on a fixed part. The runways or mechanism used can be located under the classroom or above the pool. It does not necessarily need to be added during pool construction. It can also be easily added to an existing pool. Automatic pool covers are available in various colors and sizes. You can get many advantages by choosing an automatic cover. We have listed 3 important advantages below.

  1. Safety advantage: The most important issue is safety. Knowing that your swimming pool has a layer of protection gives you peace of mind. When the pool is stationary, you only need to flip a switch and close the cover. If you want to make a safe and practical choice, automatic pool covers are the ideal choice.
  2. Savings advantage: With an automatic pool cover, operating costs can be greatly reduced.
    1. Heating: With an automatic pool cover, the pool temperature can be maintained. Covering the pool with a cover reduces water evaporation and heat loss by almost 70%.
    2. Chemical: Chlorine exposed to UV light breaks down and dissipates. By closing the pool when not in use, you can preserve the chlorine in the pool and extend the life of this chemical. Another problem with pools is that they lose chemicals through evaporation. When the cover is used, the life of the chemicals will be extended because evaporation will be stopped.
    3. Electricity: With the automatic cover, the amount of energy required for the filtration of the pool is reduced. The automatic cover keeps dirt, debris and leaves out. This helps to make the water less polluted. Since the pool pump and pool filter will use less power, less electricity will be consumed.
    4. Water: Automatic covers reduce water evaporation by 90%. If you keep the pool closed when not in use, there is no need to constantly add water to the pool.
  3. The advantage of convenience: One of the most important benefits is the advantage of use. It is very practical to use automatic pool covers. It allows the pool to be covered in a more organized way. If you have an automatic pool cover, your pool is cleaner, warmer and safer. Reducing the time to be allocated for cleaning and maintenance and being economical allows pool owners to have a more enjoyable time. There are also various alternatives for inflatable pools that you can use in your gardens. Bestway inflatable pool cover manages to attract the attention of users with its practical use feature.


Especially since summer pools are used for a short period of time, a thick cover laid on the pool will be protective. These covers, which will protect the pool from all kinds of foreign substances, can be laid in a practical way. Manual pool covers are stretched tightly from the sides and laid over the pool.  In pools that are not used for a long time, covering the entire area with a thick cover aims to provide complete protection in the pool.

When you want to use the pool again in summer, it is very important that a clean pool is waiting for you. One of the biggest features of manual covers is that they are more resistant to seasonal conditions. Since they do not have a self-opening and closing feature, it also prevents them from being opened and closed easily by others. The prices of under-pool covers are also more affordable compared to automatic covers.

If you want to save time and cost in cleaning the bottom of your pool, it is very important to have both types of covers.


One of the most important issues to be considered for a swimming pool is pool cover systems. swimming pools, which are frequently used especially in the summer months, can be preferred frequently in the winter months when suitable conditions are created. Pool owners who do not ignore such an important issue do research on which types of pools pool cover cover can be used.

Types of pools where winter pool cover can be used:

Of course, winter pool cover is not a necessary measure for pools built indoors. Winter pool cover can be used in the pool types mentioned above and all other outdoor pools.

Pool covers laid on swimming pools can be used in prefabricated pools and all other above ground pools as well as inflatable pools. This  pool equipment  is very easy to use and extremely practical to clean. The covers, which allow users to save both time and cost, protect the pool from external factors such as dirt, garbage and dust during the time the pool is open.

Thus, swimming pool owners have many options to choose from among the products that best suit the size of their pool. Pool covers are one of the most practical pieces of equipment that can be purchased for swimming pools. Swimming pool owners who have one of the pool cover options can prevent all kinds of dirt and debris that may come from the air in their pools that decorate their gardens. The covers, which help to ensure pool cleaning and hygiene conditions, provide peaceful swimming pleasure.


The pool protection cover is produced from robust canvas fabric to adapt to all seasons. One of the most important pool equipment for pools that are closed for use especially in winter is known as pool cover cover . The pool cover is resistant to all external factors with the robust canvas fabric it is produced from. Tarpaulins used in manual or automatic pool covers also have a very practical use. Thanks to the tarpaulins laid on the pool with the stretching method, you protect the pool from all environmental factors when you are not using it.

Pool tarpaulins, which are also preferred to take security measures, have long-lasting use. It can be preferred in swimming pools and inflatable pools of all sizes.


Harsh weather conditions in winter also negatively affect pool water. For this reason, it is very important to take measures to protect pool water in winter. Pool winter maintenance recommendations include pool covers in the first place. Outdoor or indoor swimming pools may not be used as often in winter as in summer. Especially outdoor pools in the gardens of houses are almost never used in winter.

You should use your pool equipment in full during the winter months to save both chemical costs and electricity. You can protect your pool from bad weather conditions and all external factors during the winter months with the choices you make from the pool floor cover. In addition, with this measure you can protect not only your pool but also your budget. Pool covers, which have many product options, are produced in various colors and sizes. Doing a little research before choosing the most suitable product for your pool will make your job easier.

With this small precaution for the winter months, you will both start the summer with clean water and protect your equipment and pool. Keeping detached pools open throughout the winter increases both the cost and the danger. Especially for those who have pets at home, the biggest risk is that they fall into the pool. You will also eliminate this risk with the pool cover you buy. Manufacturers do not forget your children with pool covers, which are released to the market with different options.

You will eliminate the risk for your children by choosing from the pool cover price options you will find for your children's pools. Thanks to the pool cover, both you and your loved ones can enjoy swimming in sparkling water.