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What is the Pool Countercurrent System?

What is the Pool Countercurrent System?

The pool counter-current system is the creation of an artificial current in the swimming pool and the use of this current as massage and exercise by utilizing the energy of the water. Water massage and exercise applications, which have become very popular in recent years, are among the methods developed with the pool counter-current system. Professionals who use the buoyancy of the water for the benefit of the human body realize the relaxation and resting properties of water. Water massage and exercises are among the preferred pool options for cooling off and relaxing on hot summer days. When it comes to human health, all kinds of methods are important. In this case, pools are suitable for use not only for swimming and cooling off, but also for health and relaxation purposes such as massage and exercise. These applications, which we encounter especially in hotels and villas, are among the most sought-after features of vacationers. . In response to the interest seen, business and villa owners have started to prefer pool countercurrent system applications more and more every day.

The logic of the pool countercurrent system is quite simple. Water is sucked in through a pump, then sent back into the pool to create a current. A situation arises that makes it difficult to stand still in the pool and swim in place. People prefer these pools not to swim, but to relax and feel healthier. The pool countercurrent system should not be confused with the pool filtration system. Both are independent applications.


The pool counter-current system, which we have started to encounter frequently in recent years, is in the first place among the expectations of many people, especially in their holiday choices. Pools that offer massage and exercise to the human body by creating a current and fluctuation are highly preferred by people who want to relax. The whole system is activated with a simple mechanism, independent of the pump system. The pool countercurrent system may have different features according to the intended use and the dimensions of the usage area.  Pool countercurrent system features can be listed as follows.

  • The most basic feature of the pool countercurrent system is that it creates a strong current.
  • It is used with a single or double outlet nozzle in the pool.
  • When necessary, the environment can be illuminated with lighting.
  • The system can be easily turned on and off while in the water.
  • The water flow rate is adjustable.
  • Suitable for exercise, water massage, various pool games.

The features of pool countercurrent systems are not limited to what we have listed above. Different features can be added according to the purpose of construction and use.


The user of a pool with a countercurrent system can easily direct the system via a button if desired. Countercurrent systems are designed for pool users to have a more enjoyable and healthy time. The installation process of these systems, also known as wave motors, is applied by considering many factors. It has features that vary from pool to pool. The materials used in the countercurrent system are stainless steel. The operation of the pool countercurrent system is based on a simple logic. The water drawn by a pump is then sent back to the pool. This process creates a current. The pool countercurrent system is different from the pool filtration system and has an independent structure. Pool countercurrent system features vary according to pool size and usage area in various applications in Izmir region.


In many models of the pool countercurrent system, the inlet nozzle and surface scraper are designed with impact and pressure resistant ABS plastic materials. The cheap manufacturing is the biggest advantage of these materials. Stainless steel materials are used in countercurrent systems. The most prominent feature of these materials is their high resistance to chlorine and salt water. Thanks to hanging countercurrent systems, it becomes suitable for use even in poor lighting environments. The use of colored LED lights creates a harmonious environment. In particular, this equipment is often recommended for small pools without underwater lights. If the pool countercurrent system is to be used by more than one person at the same time, it is better to choose a model with two nozzles. It is also important to pay attention to the pool dimensions, which offer enough space for all pool users. Additional handles will be a good choice as they provide optimum comfort during a massage treatment.

All equipment used in the pool countercurrent system has various and different structures. Since the system is flexible and adjustable, it provides a comfortable use to the user. The operation of the system has a logic as easy as its creation. The user is in control via a button on the front of the system. Thanks to this button, the whole system can be easily managed. In order to use the system effectively, making choices suitable for the people who use it and its purpose ensures maximum benefit.

Pool countercurrent systems have a certain functioning. Depending on the power of the motor, they can operate with an energy between 230 V and 380 V. Before starting the installation of the system, it should be checked whether the power line to be connected is suitable to handle this load. Some tests are needed for this. If it is determined that the system is not suitable for this load, the work should be primarily in the direction of adjusting the suitability. Otherwise, all the work done will be in vain. After the energy infrastructure is made suitable, a safe installation is provided. The intended use in the pool is important. The system adjusted according to this purpose will draw energy accordingly. Therefore, the cost will also vary according to the amount of energy used.

There are two other points that should be considered as much as the motor in the pool countercurrent system. These; materials such as surface scraper and inlet nozzle are also manufactured in a quality manner. It is important that the pool system has long-lasting and durable parts against motor power and current. Pool water contains various chemicals such as chlorine. Highly resistant materials should be selected against the risk of corrosion of these chemicals.


Pool counter-current systems have important benefits for human health and relaxation. Let's examine all the benefits of swimming against a counter-current system, from advantages to relaxation.

Counter-current systems encourage learning to swim. It allows you to swim with a constant stroke and at a constant speed. It can be an ideal choice to coordinate your movements and learn to swim. 

Swimming against the current is also a sporting activity in a sense. . In this way, you can keep fit and burn calories at the same time. It will also be the right choice for those who want to build muscle and increase endurance.

Swimming in the pool reduces muscle pain and helps relieve daily stress. Swimming against the current also relaxes the person as it creates a revitalizing massage effect.

Swimming against the current can also be considered as an entertainment environment. You can have a very pleasant time with your family. The vortex waves created by this system are very popular with everyone. 

When you compare water treatment products, you can observe that it creates a more hygienic environment. It also helps to better equalize the temperature of the pool.

All functions of pool current systems consist of an adjustable distribution nozzle of a system that can be adjusted according to needs and wishes.

Its controllable feature provides convenience thanks to the button on the front of the device. These systems, which are very simple to use, provide the advantage of being able to control everything, including jet power. 

They are also very useful for professional athletes. It is an important system where they can get a jet and a strong current that allows them to practice intense swimming.

For beginner amateur athletes, it is possible to list different benefits. Thanks to the flow, they can practice swimming more comfortably.  Thanks to its adjustable feature, the water flow can be adjusted according to their speed. It will be an ideal choice for them to gradually gain endurance.

The counter-current swimming system of swimming pools is useful to benefit from relaxing or invigorating massages. 

A pool system equipped with handles can be preferred to make the pools more functional.


Pool countercurrent system types are curious. The pool system, which comes in 2 types, recessed and external, does not have great difficulties in application.


The most basic feature of the in-ground pool countercurrent system is that it is included in the project during construction. A compartment is designed in accordance with the project and the system is integrated into the designated area. The entire system is placed in a closed state, only the start button and the output nozzle that will create a flow in the pool are seen from the outside. It is a method frequently applied in indoor pools and especially in hotel pools.


The external pool counter-current system is the counter-current system used after integration. It is not a system planned during pool construction. It is a system that is repositioned in case of need and placed in a suitable place in the pool. 

Both current systems are systems that work with the same logic. There is also no difference in their efficiency. It is difficult to say that they have a difference other than their appearance. The choice of pool countercurrent system depends on the person's wishes and expectations.  It is the person's own decision to choose both types of systems in accordance with the location of the pool, its suitability if it is a new project and the intended use of the system. The important point is to determine the intended use correctly and to determine the availability of the pool. The pool countercurrent system can be integrated into a small pool or can be integrated into all pools regardless of size. You should consider all these issues. In line with your needs, you can choose from a wide variety of options according to the condition of the pool.


The pool countercurrent system is highly preferred by those who want to get rid of their daily routines, those who want to relax and those who want to exercise. It is especially used by professional athletes. It is known to show high success in issues such as resting and getting in shape, which the body needs. All of these make the pool countercurrent system very preferable. Apart from what we have listed, the purpose of use is generally for entertainment and massage.

 Being flexible and adjustable, which is one of the biggest features of the system, provides convenience to the user. The system is very easy to use. All directions can be realized with the button on the front. You can use it quite easily thanks to the button that serves both to turn on and off and to manage the flow. In order to manage the system in the direction you want and find answers to your needs, you should analyze your expectations well before your choices.

These systems, which are easily operated by means of a button on it, also take various names such as swimming band, counter current, counter wave. It can be assembled quickly and practically in a short time and can be dismantled when deemed necessary. The motor in the pool countercurrent system has various power ranges. The size and intended use of the pool determines the motor power and other features. Thus, while providing users with flexible use, it also provides comfort with a practical use.

Routine maintenance should be performed for the safe use of the countercurrent system. These are organized as 3-month, 6-month and annual. One of the most important features of the pool is that it has a structure that is not easily affected by chemicals in the water. This reduces the possibility of failure to very low rates. The system allows long years of trouble-free service in an ideal working tempo. For this, the most important usage recommendation is to follow the instructions and perform the necessary maintenance without interruption. If there is a change in the sound of the pool equipment or a decrease in the flow during operation, you should definitely seek help from an expert without waiting for maintenance time.


Indoor swimming pools:  These are covered pools and since the pool water can be heated and used all year round, pool counter-current systems are often found in this type of pool.

Outdoor swimming pools: These pools, which can only be used in spring and summer, are highly preferred by vacationers. Since the pool water can be heated and the usage period can be extended, pool counter-current systems are also encountered in this type of pool.

Natural swimming pools: These are natural water swimming areas such as sea, lake and river.  They are especially supportive in terms of health.

Spa swimming pools: They are one of the most preferred pool types for treatment and rehabilitation. Since these are also included in special pool types, pool waters are made healthier with additional treatment equipment as well as important. Pool counter-current systems are also one of the most common areas.

Professional swimming pools: These are swimming pools preferred by professional swimmers, which are also used by everyone, albeit for sports purposes. It has measurement and jumping areas to increase the fitness and to be a pool suitable for the competition. The pool is one of the pools where counter-current systems are installed.

Swimming pools for sports: These are pools where swimming sports are practiced. In swimming pools that can also be used by the public, pool counter-current systems are also included. The common feature of these pools is that they have pool dimensions and water depths suitable for sports principles.

Pools designed for the utilization of leisure time: This is one of the types of pools preferred by the public to learn swimming or to spend their leisure time, as well as by schools and swimming sports. These are pools designed mostly for leisure time. Depending on the expectations, counter-current systems are sometimes used.

Recreational pools: These are the pools preferred by families and groups of friends who want to spend their free time. It includes swimming facilities as well as other recreational equipment such as aquaparks and water games centers. It is also seen to include pool counter-current systems.

Frolicking pools: One of the most enjoyable types of pools for young children to get used to the water and play. Pool countercurrent systems can also be included in order to encourage swimming.

Pools designed for non-swimmers: These are pools prepared for getting used to the water, learning to swim and training in groups. Thanks to the pool counter-current systems, they help such as school swimming and encouraging non-swimmers.

Wave pools: These are pools specially designed with pool counter-current systems for having fun and practicing. It is a type of pool whose depth dimensions and conditions for obtaining water are determined by standards. Wave height and pool dimensions are factors affecting the shape. They are pools with continuous clean water circulation.