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What is a Pool Cartridge Filter?

What is a Pool Cartridge Filter?

One of the first equipment that comes to mind when it comes to pool materials is pool filters. Swimming pool filters are indispensable equipment for the proper protection of pool water and at the same time for the protection of human health. The pool cartridge filter is a pool equipment that undertakes the task of filtering fine dust and particles that arise as a result of environmental factors and usage in order to maintain a clean, clear and healthy pool water.

Cartridge filters, which are preferred as much as sand filters in pool filter systems, have a practical application method. The pool cartridge filter is more compact and economical. With the cartridge filter, there is a minimum level of water loss in pools. Cleaning of this filter is done with pressurized water and there is no need for backwashing like sand filters. The most basic definition of cartridge filter; It can be made as water treatment filters that are easy to install and use, which are used to retain unwanted substances in water.

The filter consists of body and cartridges. Cartridge filters, which are very useful for pools, what does it do, how does it work? Let's examine all the questions you are curious about.


Pool filters used for comfortable use, cleaning and safety of the pool undertake the most important task among pool equipment. Pools can only be suitable for use in all seasons thanks to filtration and disinfection processes. Pool cartridge filters are used to remove solid particles from liquids.

Regular cleaning of the dirt in the pool, garbage, dust or leaves coming from outside is very important for human health. Quality filters placed in accordance with the pool drains can easily clean the pollution caused by use or external factors. The most basic task of pool cleaning filters is to allow you to swim in clear water.

It is not possible to manually clean the pools, which are used every day in the summer season and especially in the open area, on a regular basis. For this reason, it is essential to use pool cleaning filters. Another important task of the pool cartridge filter is to ensure that you swim in a clean water without losing the water in the pool and without compromising your comfort.

Cartridge filters have the ability to filter twice as much dirt and debris compared to sand filters.  A large filtration area allows water to pass through the cartridge, removing smaller particles. There may be many options you will encounter when choosing a pool filter. You should focus on the best quality and high performance among them. Arıtes pool cartridge filter types have high performance. These ecological filters do not need much water to clean the cartridge. It will be an ideal choice for pool and all kinds of water filtration.


Pool cartridge filters are one of the equipment that plays a very important role in keeping a pool clean and healthy. No detail should be skipped to create a clean water environment. In addition, after getting help from an expert at this stage, you can get information about which filter will be the right filter for your pool. Before deciding on the pool cartridge filter, there are 2 types of cartridge filters.

The cartridge filter that makes depth filtration is called depth filters. Pleated surface filters that make surface filtration are called surface filtration.

Depth filtration, Depth / Depth Filters: Hydrophilic structure. They are produced from Polypropylene, Polyester, Acrylic, Cellulosic materials. Cartridge filters such as Spun, Hytrex, Purtrex, RO Save Zplex are all depth filters. Depth filters, which have a multi-layered structure, are generally preferred for pre-filtration. The most basic feature of depth cartridge filters is that they have nominal filter permeability. More efficient results are obtained when the suspended solids in the liquid to be filtered are very large.  

Surface Filtration Cartridge Filters: They are produced from polypropylene or glass fiber / fiberglass materials with hydrophilic structure. These filters have a pleated structure and have a special connection part at the top and bottom. Cartridge filters that provide surface filtration do not fit standard cartridge filter containers. There are special filter containers for this type of filters. Surface filtration filters have a pleated thin filtration layer to increase efficiency.

The cartridge filter media that make up surface filtration are in a thin layer. Surface cartridge filters are generally preferred in the final filtration process. Micron feature is more sensitive than depth filters. Its porous structure is smaller than the depth filter. If the particle sizes of the suspended solids in the pool to be filtered are small or fine, the use of this type of cartridge filters is more efficient. 

Let's list the pros of using the Pool Cartridge Filter below.

  • There is no need for a backwash step in the pool cartridge filter. For this reason, maintenance is very easy.
  • What you need to do during maintenance is to remove the pool filter cartridge from the system and replace or wash it. 
  • Pool cartridge filters use low pump pressure and reduce energy costs. Since the pressure used is lower, the life of your pool pump is also extended.
  • Although pool cartridge filter prices seem to be a little more costly, the criteria that determine the cost do not prevent it from being preferred because it provides a practical use and also helps the filter to be long-lasting.
  • Pool cartridge filter systems are easier to maintain than other filter systems.
  • It removes dirt particles as small as 10-15 microns.
  • The use of lower pump pressure also reduces energy costs.
  • Especially in pools filled with salt water, unnecessary salt waste is eliminated.

Each filter has some unique features. For this reason, it is not possible to give a clear figure about the prices of pool filters. The size of the pool where the filters will be used, the purpose of use and the frequency of use can be listed among the important factors affecting the filter selection. Since the volumes of pools used by businesses and personal pools will be different, there may also be changes in filters.


Almost every pool filter works on a similar principle. The pool cartridge filter, with the activation of the pump pressure of the pool water, is drawn into the filter and purified from its sediments, various dust and residues. After the purification process is completed, it continues to work by sending the water back to the pool. The pool cartridge filter accumulates the sediment and residues separated from the pool water in its own chamber. Periodic cleaning of the residues accumulated in its chamber allows the filter to work with much better performance. Pool cartridge filter cleaning process is also very practical. The important thing is to choose the product according to the pool to be used. The most important factor in filter selection is to determine the flow rate and amount of pool water to be filtered.


Pool filtration includes some processes that must be addressed in order not to harm human health. Before starting to install the pool cartridge filter, the visible substances accumulated in the pool should be cleaned. Many elements such as sand and soil particles, various residues and insect species that come to the pool from the pool environment and usage should be eliminated. The pool cartridge filter is installed in the drain section of the pool filters. It has a very practical application. The filtering systems placed in place become operational.

Depending on the pollution, size and depth of the pool, filtration systems are activated. The process of installing a cartridge filter in the pool should first be done by an expert. It is important to get professional support for the pools to work in a healthier way. The cartridge filter, which is placed within the selection of quality materials and expert teams, allows you to get an efficient result. After the installation and operation process is completed, you can regularly perform pool pump cartridge filter cleaning yourself.


We have already mentioned that the pool filter is a must for clean and healthy pool water. Cartridge selection, cartridge use and maintenance are very important processes. A quality cartridge will both last longer and have a high performance. With  Piarpi pool cartridge filter selection, you can experience the comfort of using a high performance product. The job does not end with buying the product. Pool filters should also be maintained regularly. There are 11 important steps to follow to clean your pool cartridge filter.

  • Step 1: You need to get your materials ready. In order to clean the filter cartridge well, you need to have the cleaning materials on hand. You will need a hose, pool filter cartridge cleaner attachment or spray nozzle, 5 gallon bucket or larger, filter cleaning tablets, white vinegar, salt spirit and pool chlorine.
  • Step 2: Turn off the pump when it is running. If you are using a pool with a filter cartridge for the first time, it is very important to turn off the pump. Following this step eliminates the danger of water gushing at you.
  • Step 3: You need to release the air in the system. When you turn off the pump you will also need to pull the small valve at the top to release the air. It is important to do this slowly, giving enough time for the air to be released.
  • Step 4: In step 4, which requires you to pull the filter out, you can safely open and close the lid of your pool filter cartridge as the air is released. Remember that you will encounter grass, algae, dirt and much more on the filter.
  • Step 5: In step 5, where you rinse the filter, take the hose and try to spray the large particles out of the filter. If you spray water at an angle, the debris will go out more easily. If you have filter cartridge cleaning equipment, place it on top of your hose and let it reach directly into the pleats.
  • Step 6: You need to check the filter for damage. After spraying the water, you need to check for damage, holes and tears. Although the cartridges are quite durable and long-lasting, they can deteriorate after a while. For this reason, it is an important step to check for damage when cleaning.
  • Step 7: The filter needs to be soaked. If your filter is very dirty, a spray may not be enough to remove all the dirt and debris. You may also need a cleaner. More than one soaking method can be used to clean the cartridge filter. Each method works slightly differently. When using pool chemicals such as chlorine and acid, you should always wear gloves, a mask and goggles.

When soaking a pool cleaner, you need to follow the instructions on the cleaner's package. After soaking the filter in the solution, you need to cover the bucket with an airtight lid. The function of the soaking solution is to kill bacteria and microorganisms that remain inside the filter. You need to soak your filter in the solution for the time indicated on the package.

It is important to follow the instructions carefully as too much chlorine can corrode your filter. The cartridges will be cleaned after 6-12 hours in the mixture. If your pool filter cartridge has high calcium deposits, you can use white vinegar. You can apply white vinegar to the cartridge using a one-to-one ratio with water. Add the white vinegar to the bucket during this process. After adding your pool filter cartridge to the water, close the lid of the bucket and let it soak for a day.

If your cartridges are too full of debris and minerals, you can try cleaning them with saltpetre. Add a little spirit of salt to the water, less than the amount of water, and add the pool cartridge to this mixture. Wait 10 minutes and if it does not cover the entire cartridge, turn it over and continue soaking for another 10 minutes.

  • Step 1 : In this step you need to check the filter tank. While your filter is waiting to be cleaned, you can use this as a time to check your tank. Make sure your tank is in good condition.
  • Step 2 : This is the final rinsing step. After soaking your filters in the cleaner of your choice according to the instructions, you can proceed to the rinsing step.  First, with the lids open, start rinsing the filter in the bucket. Once you have pulled the filter out safely, you need to spray the accumulated dirt and algae out of the filter. You can use a garden hose sprayer or a filter cleaner to do this. If there is still debris on the filter after all these treatments, you can repeat the cleaning mixture you used.
  • Step 3 : The drying step of the filter is step 10. You should allow your filter to dry before reinstalling it in the pool. Place it on a line or leave it in a covered area to dry completely around the filter folds and the entire perimeter. Once you are sure it is dry, you can shake it to see if any dirt or debris remains.
  • Step 4 : The last step consists of placing the filter into the tank. Once you are sure that the filter is completely cleaned, you can place it back into the tank. During the placement process, you should not forget to put the lid on and close it.


The choice of filter is vital to ensure that the pool water is always clean and does not pose a danger to human health. It is very important that the filter is compatible with the pool pump. If the dimensions are incompatible, there will be more water pressure than the capacity of the filter. This causes the sand and particles that should remain in the filter to be mixed back into the pool. As a result, you will not get an efficient operation and the filter will deteriorate in a short time. When choosing a pool cartridge filter, you should pay attention to the following points.

  • You must take into account the volume and dimensions of the pool.
  • Your priority in choosing a pool filter should be quality and compatibility with the pool pump rather than price.
  • With the help of an expert or by making a good review, you should choose the most suitable cartridge filter for your pool that will work efficiently and will not collect the most suitable dirt and leave it back to the pool.  For a long-lasting use, Pina pool cartridge filter will meet your expectations.


For small and medium-sized pools, a cartridge filter is as popular an alternative as a sand filter. In addition, if the cartridge filter is well equipped, it can also be adapted to large pools. More than one cartridge filter can also be used according to the needs of the pool. There are also many filter options in pool robots that you will prefer for pool cleaning. Pool cartridge filters can be used in the following pools:

  • Olympic Swimming Pools
  • Villa Pools
  • Hotel Pools
  • Jumping Pools
  • Children Pools


Although the pool cartridge filter differs according to the area of use, it exhibits very high performances in practice. Let's examine the features that distinguish the pool cartridge filter from other filters. 

  • The main difference of the pool cartridge filter is that it does not require backwashing. Since this filter does not require backwashing, the water balance of the pool tends to remain at its proper setting. 
  • It can capture particles as low as 10-20 microns compared to other filters.
  • The biggest benefit of this cartridge filter is that it saves the amount of water used to backwash other filters.  
  • The cartridge filter is known as the fastest growing filtration type. The biggest reason for this is that it provides the support needed for energy efficiency.