In the production of pool coating materials, we produce much higher quality 100% pool porcelain products instead of pool ceramic products and bring them together with our customers. Starting from the pool flooring processes, we create happy customers with high quality pool tile models that positively affect the use and life of the pool.

Our porcelain pool tile product of 12.5x25 cm is produced as 100% porcelain like our other products. Thanks to its porcelain structure, it prevents the formation of bacteria and allows the construction of hygienic pools. It provides high resistance to all kinds of climatic conditions in terms of cooking techniques in the production process of porcelain and the quality of the raw material used. Due to its special structure, it requires less use of joints in pool coating processes. 

Thus, it provides cost savings. Again, thanks to its special structure, it provides ease of laying and you can make more comfortable aesthetic touches to your pools. There may be a dimensional deviation of maximum ± 5%. We produce 100% porcelain pool tiles with a longer lifetime and higher durability than pool ceramics and we produce boutique production specific to your project. You can review our colorful 12.5x25 pool tile products and contact us for your questions.


Dimensinos 12,5 x 25 cm