- Porcelain Mosaic Patterns are mosaic pool covering materials that give life to pools.

- Mosaic patterns created from 5x5 cm mosaic pieces are produced as 100% porcelain.

- We have mosaic pattern options in different sizes for different sizes of pools.

- Although it consists of 5x5 mosaics, we have pattern options starting from 270x660 to 810x420 cm. Thanks to their porcelain structure, these mosaic products, which have very low water absorption rates, prevent the formation of bacteria and enable a hygienic pool to be built.

- Due to the firing techniques of the porcelain and the quality of the raw material used in the manufacture of the product, it is resistant to high temperatures, freezing and all kinds of climatic conditions. It offers a long service life.

- You can examine our mosaic patterns that highlight naturalness and aesthetics such as dolphin fish, abstract patterns, starfish, sea horse, and contact us for more information.


Dimensinos 5 x 5 cm