Pool Garden Anthracite Series

Noble grey… 

Reflecting the heavy and impressive stance of the anthracite color to the terraces, Pool Garden Anthracite is the favorite of those who want to capture a noble style in spaces. Bringing an elegant look to the terraces with its modern and aesthetic details, Pool Garden Anthracite is ideal for those who want to create self-confident and remarkable spaces. You can add energy and harmony to the brave, strong and determined stance of Pool Garden Anthracite with the light color tiles you choose inside the pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Certificates and Quality Certificates do you have?

We have TSE, ISO, and CE certificates for all our products  ( TS EN 14411 ; ISO 9001 )

Serapool Porcelain, which does not see "quality" as just a document, believes that the real quality understanding is the value-added products and after-sales service it offers. 

What are the Anti-Slip Grades of Your Products?

Although it varies according to the product, our products have R11, R12, and R13 anti-slip degrees.  Information about the anti-slip values of our products is available in our catalogs.

What is the Thickness of the Products?

Thicknesses vary from product to product. It is 5.5 mm for the mosaic product group, 6 mm for the 12.5x25 tile group, and 7.5 mm for the 33x66 cm product group. Due to the porcelain nature of our products, we offer our customers the advantage of thin production. 

Do You Do Pool Applications?

Serapool Porcelain manufactures pool coating materials. Our dealers apply for pool construction.

Are Your Products Resistant to Frost and Temperature Changes?

One of the most important features of Serapool Porcelain pool covering materials is their superior durability and durability performance. Our products are not affected by hot and cold temperature changes; they are extremely resistant to rain, snow, and frost. The low water absorption of our products ensures that the material is not affected by frost in cold weather conditions. Our quality certificates support the frost resistance of our products. 

Do Products Fade, Dull or Change Color?

Our products do not show sensitivity as they are cooked at 1220 degrees. All our products are resistant to UV rays. Thus, they are not affected by the sun and do not fade or dull in color. Therefore, it preserves its first day's eye-catching appearance for many years.

Why are the products produced in 33x66 sizes? Is There a Special Reason?

There are many companies in the sector that produce in 30x60 sizes; we stand out in this league with our different sizes. Therefore, in order to differentiate from the stereotypical, standard sizes, we produce 33x66 sizes exclusively for Serapool Porcelain. These sizes contribute to the realization of the pools of the designers' dreams and allow for an original installation. 

Why is Water Absorption Rate Important?

The main reason for using porcelain in the pool is that the water absorption of porcelain tile is close to zero. The low water absorption rate ensures that the material is not affected by cold weather conditions and frost. Due to the high water absorption rate of ceramic, ceramic can expand and burst when it encounters frost.

How Much Should the Joint Gaps be in the Flooring?

We recommend joint gaps of 5 mm for Olympic series products and 3 mm for mosaic and natural series products.

Why Do You Consider Joint Fillings in Square Meter Calculation?

According to TS EN 1441 standards, the nominal size is the sum of the nominal size (the size taken as a reference in defining the boundary dimensions), the working size of the tile (the size that should be in accordance with the actual size within the limits of the size prescribed and permitted for production) and the joint width. Therefore, when calculating the square meters, the joint fillings must also be taken into account.

Why do you produce 9 faces in the Natural Series?

Recently, people want to see more themes reminiscent of nature around them to get away from city life, which makes us inspired by nature in production. For this reason, we use tiles with different color tones and surface textures together to achieve a more natural look.

Why Should I Use Anti-Slip Stairs?

In the pool, it is difficult to see the stairs due to the reflection in the water. Therefore, if the steps are not noticed, falls and accidents may occur. In order to minimize the impact of the impact in the event of a fall or an accident and to prevent injuries, the end edges of the stair anti-slip are beveled and rounded, and 3 lines on the anti-slip provide additional slip resistance. One of the most important criteria in a pool covering material selection is the non-slip value of the product. In order to prevent slipping problems on pool sides and wet floors, stair steps should have high anti-slip properties.  Serapool Porcelain stair treads prevent the risk of slipping and falling at the entrance and exit of the pool with its finely thought-out details. Thus, the stair nonslippers allow you to enter the pool with peace of mind.

Why Should I Use Concave and Convex Products?

In order to prevent injuries, bumps, and injuries that may occur in the pool and to ensure aesthetic integrity, the intersecting surfaces should be softened as much as possible. In general, the use of convex parts as a set provides comfort and safety in the pool, while concave parts to be used on the pool floor will help cleaning robots clean the edges and corners more easily and leave no residue. Concave and convex parts help to eliminate risky situations by softening sharp and pointed areas. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to use concave and convex parts in pools. The most important factor in using these pieces in places such as stair steps is to minimize the impact of impact in the event of a fall or accident and to prevent injuries.  In terms of aesthetics, it is used to see the 90º corners in the tile edge pieces and to make the turns more useful instead of laying the tiles on top of each other.

Do Materials Moss? Are the Products Easy to Clean?

Porcelain pool coating materials that prevent the formation of bacteria with its waterproof and stain-resistant smooth surface are very hygienic. The impermeability feature prevents the penetration of moisture into the tiles, preventing the formation of algae and dirt. The products are extremely easy to clean. Regular pool maintenance and cleaning is also very important to keep the pool clean.

I want to build an overflow pool. What should be the slope angle of the handle?

In overflow pools, an inclination angle of 3-8% is required for the water to reach the weir area in a smooth direction without hitting the handle ends and splashing during fluctuation. In training pools, the handle inclination angle should be 4.7% according to the specification.

I want to renovate my pool. Can we apply to the old product?

Applying the old product is not a situation we recommend in terms of long-term use and aesthetic appearance.  In addition, very accurate insulation of the pool is required before the new product application. Since correct insulation cannot be made on the old product, we do not recommend the application process on the old product. We recommend removing the old coating materials when renovating the pool. It is essential that the masters who will perform the coating process are experts in their field of pool applications. All materials to be used in the coating must be of first-class quality. These materials are one factor that extends the pool's life. It should also be ensured that the preferred coating materials can be supplied when the pool requires renovation.

Why Do I Need to Use Porcelain Products in My Pool?

It is extremely important to create a healthy environment both in swimming pools with crowded user masses and in swimming pools used in homes and used by fewer people. Porcelain is one of the healthiest, most hygienic, and most reliable materials for pools. Porcelain, which is superior in every respect compared to alternative products, provides quality, durability, reliability, and hygiene, as well as aesthetically superior features.

Why is there a difference in the color of the water in different pools with the same product?

The depth of the pool, its location, the pH value and cleanliness of the water, and the time of day (position of the sun) have a great influence on the color of the water. For this reason, the same pool coating material can have different appearances in different projects.

How to Pack and Ship?

All products are packed with the necessary packaging labels before dispatch. The products are shipped from the shipping department in accordance with the shipment order. 

Serapool Porcelain, which brings a different perspective to pools with the understanding that "perfection is hidden in fine details", offers safety, aesthetics, and comfort to its customers with concave and convex parts.

Technical Specifications

33x66cm / 33x33cm / 5x5cm / 10x10cm / 16,5x16,5cm
7,9 Mm
Indoor Use
Wall and Floor
Outdoor Use
Wall and Floor
Usage Area
Pool, Balcony, Terrace, Bathroom, Exterior, Interiors
Surface Appearance
Glazed Porcelain
Product Group
Naturel Serie
M²/Box1.30 M²
M²/Pallet46,8 M²
36 quantity
Pallet Weight
820 Kg
R Value R11

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