Photosera; It is a digital printing art applied on porcelain tiles. It is specially produced using the wide possibilities of digital photography technology. Photocera, which allows you to place the world you imagine in the pools, reflects the enthusiasm of the colorful world of coral reefs, the magnificent environment of ancient columns and mosaics, and the visuals of colorful fish. In addition, you can achieve permanent visual richness with Photocera technology by applying the motifs, logos, photos you choose wherever you want around the pool, inside and outside of the buildings. Fotosera products, which we produce as 100% porcelain, promise a long service life thanks to their resistance to climatic conditions and adverse environmental factors. It offers you unique options to build the pool of your dreams in pool coating processes. Contact us to get more detailed information about these porcelain pool ceramics that can be specially produced for you and to make your dreams come true.


Dimensinos 12,5 x 25 cm