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What Color Will My Pool’s Water Be?

What Color Will My Pool’s Water Be?

Transparent raindrops, deep blue seas, turquoise oceans, or green lakes... Although they are all made of water, their colors are quite different. This is because the color of water is affected not only by the interaction of water molecules with light but also by other substances dissolved or suspended in the water.

The color of seawater depends on the ability of water molecules to absorb and reflect light. All colors are present in sunlight, which we call white light. Sea water molecules, just like in the atmosphere, absorb the red colors in the distribution of this light and reflect the blue colors. In other words, they retain the high-frequency wavelengths and send back the low-frequency wavelengths. Since the blue color also has a shorter wavelength, the sea often looks blue. The most important reason for this color is the depth of the sea layer. Incoming light frequencies give off color according to depth. As the depth of the water increases, the blue color becomes more pronounced. As such, people who will have a pool built expect to appear similar to seawater in their pools.

So, what affects pool water color?

Many variables such as the size and depth of the pool, the light to which the pool is exposed, coating materials such as pool tiles, and mosaics, the landscape around the pool, and water chemistry are highly influential on the color of the water.

Pools, which rest, relax, rehabilitate, and treat people both visually and in contact, have become an indispensable element of architectural design. Just like buildings, pools, which are specially designed by taking into account the dreams and expectations of the users, are the most beautiful living spaces that you watch from inside your home or focus on while lying in your garden and enjoying the sun...

So, with all these variables affecting watercolor, how can you get the look you want in your pool?

Since Serapool Porcelain Natural Series products consist of a wide range of different surfaces, textures, and colors when users choose a pool tile, the most important question they wonder answer is; "What color will my pool water look like?".

Natural Series products sometimes appear blue, sometimes turquoise, and sometimes green when combined with water, depending on the chosen tile. As the sunlight changes during the day, the colors of the water can also change. The depth of the pool, its location, the pH value and cleanliness of the water, and the time of day also have a great influence on the color of the pool water. For this reason, the same pool tile can have different looks in different projects.

You can find the pool that reflects your taste in Natural Series...

Suitable for every style, Serapool Porcelain Natural Series products create a unique design and reinforce the natural look.

Let's take a look at how your pool will look when you choose any of the Natural Series product groups consisting of many colors such as white, gray, beige, earthy, green, blue, turquoise, cobalt, brown, anthracite, even yellow and platinum...

1. Blue Pool Tiles

The color blue has a relaxing effect on people. Blue-colored pools make you feel comfortable and peaceful, calming, reducing stress and relaxing. If you want your pool to look blue, you can choose Marin, Blue Bead, Oceano, and Patchwork Marin products. You can also have a deeper blue pool with Piazza Cobalt. 

2. Turquoise Pools

The turquoise color, which revitalizes us during periods of mental stress and fatigue, is a combination of blue and green.  You can feel the joy and energizing power of water with turquoise-colored pools that make you feel in the enchanting waters of the Maldives. With Firuze Mix, Piazza Cyan, and Piazza Turquoise tiles, you can get rid of all the tiredness of the day by having a turquoise pool.

3. Green Pools

Green-colored pools, which make you feel healthier and fitter with their soothing and healing energy, also reflect the fascinating power of nature. Rooted in nature, the color green also symbolizes serenity and a return to the essence. You can choose Verde Guatemala or Kaan Mix products to have green pools that add serenity to the environment. While Verde Guatemala creates a sense of depth with its dark tones, Kaan Mix will make you feel peaceful and good with its lighter green colors.

4. Soft Pools

Light-colored pool tiles, which give pools a softer look with their natural tones, are perfect options for designing projects with Mediterranean and Aegean inspirations. Elegant, simple, and eye-catching, light-colored tiles create refined and sparkling spaces. If you choose lighter-colored pool tiles such as Snow White, Antique Grey, and Antique Beige, you can achieve the simplest form of water.

5. Exotic Pools

Reflecting colors inspired by tropical islands, exotic pools create a fascinating and extraordinary atmosphere. Products with dark colors on the surface to reflect exotic textures emphasize naturalness and highlight the extraordinary design of the products underwater. For unique and distinctive exotic pools, you can choose Olcay Mix, Sukabumi, Piazza Green, and Tropic.

6. Marginal Pools

If you want to have marginal pools that are different from each other and create an impressive image when combined with water, Serastone, Fossil Mix and Pool Mix products are for you! Offering a concept that will inspire a unique design and lead to new trends, these pool tiles are ideal for giving pools a stylish identity.

7. Fantastic Pools

The fantastic pools in cobalt, gold, and platinum colors stand out as never tried before. These products, which are the choice of those who like to make a difference, are suitable for all climates. Fantastic Cobalt, which attracts sunlight with its dark blue color, is suitable for cold climates by keeping the water warmer, while you can have cool pools in hot climates with Mirror Stone and Gold Stone pool porcelains.

Sustainability is also at the core of our production. Our porcelain pool tiles are made with environmentally friendly practices, ensuring that your home improvement choice is one that you can feel good about. We believe in responsible manufacturing that does not compromise on the quality and beauty of the final product.

In summary, the right pool tile can make a difference in creating your dream backyard sanctuary. With our top-of-the-line porcelain pool tiles, you'll enjoy a stunning, safe, and sustainable pool experience for years to come. Dive into elegance with our exquisite collection and let your pool be the centerpiece of your paradise.