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What are Pool Surrounding Security Systems?

What are Pool Surrounding Security Systems?

Pool perimeter safety systems are precautionary equipment that differ automatically and manually installed around and above the pools. Many different safety systems are used around the pool to prevent children and pets from causing dangerous accidents.

Pool safety systems are measures applied both in private pools and public pools. Due to the lack of safety systems around the pool and not being subject to mandatory rules, consequences such as loss of life can often occur. Safety systems are generally produced in a way that is compatible with all pool models. 


Equipment such as safety nets and barriers, pool covers, pool shutters and safety alarms can be used to provide safety around the pool and prevent hazards. The materials used are up to the preference of the pool owners and measures can be taken with more than one material if necessary. Materials used for pool perimeter security:


Compared to similar safety measures, pool netting is mostly used by covering the pool when the pools are closed for use. When choosing a pool safety net, care should be taken to ensure that the net is resistant to stretching and breaking. The safety net, which is a very effective method for prevention, provides a pool perimeter security suitable for long-term use as well as its low cost. 


Just like the pool net, the pool cover is one of the pool surround safety measures that are cost-effective and suitable for long-term use. Tarpaulin-looking pool covers are fastened from the corners of the pool to completely cover the pool surface and are preferred when the pools are closed and not in use. Apart from in-ground pools, pool covers for high entrance pools are covered on the pool with feet fixed to the ground. Pool covers, which provide precautions for pools, also prevent contamination of pools. 


Pool safety barriers are barricades that prevent small children and pets from reaching the pool, are usually made of transparent glass and cover the pool perimeter, and are approximately 1 meter in length. Safety barriers, which can be used for all pools, are dismantled during the periods when the pools are used and re-enclosed during the periods when they are closed. Pool safety barriers can be produced from glass or thick plastic. Safety barriers, which are one of the effective precautionary methods, can be used for a long time after they are built once. 


Pool louvers are a pool perimeter security system equipment seen especially in private pools. Pool louvers are controlled by a remote control and covered with a louver coating that will harmonize with the surrounding tiles on the pool top during the period when the pools will be closed for use. The pool roller shutter creates a highly guaranteed pool safety measure. In addition to the safety measure, it also prepares a ground where the pool area can be used for other purposes. The pools built in garden houses continue to be used in a covered way after the pool area is covered with a pool shutter. It is a more costly system compared to other security equipment. 


Pool safety alarms are among the most reliable precautions for both personal and public pools. The security alarm, which also works in the pool water, can also be installed on the pool floor. The pool security alarm, which works with the sonar system, can also be used around the barrier. Especially the security alarms installed around the barrier send a warning by directly reporting the objects approaching the pool. 

Pool security alarm; It is deemed necessary in pools used for entertainment purposes such as site pools, public pools, aquaparks, and is generally preferred in these areas. 


Pool safety is among the considerations for all types of pools. However, pools that need to install pool safety systems and security measures include children's pools, leisure pools, Olympic pools, water games pools and public facility pools. 

While it is also mandatory to have a lifeguard in such pools, materials such as barriers and nets should also be used when pools are frequently used. Security alarms must be activated both when pools are frequently used and when they are closed. 


Rules to be considered for pool safety:

  • At least one of the shutters, covers, nets, alarm systems or barriers must be preferred to ensure the safety of the pool area. 
  • Signs or signs indicating the depth of the pool should be placed in areas that everyone can see. 
  • Pool safety There should be a lifeguard in all types of pools except personal pools. 
  • At least 1 life ring should be kept in close proximity in all pool types. 
  • The cleanliness and hygiene of the pool water should be checked frequently and regular improvements should be made. 
  • Olympic pools should have card access systems to limit the use of other people except authorized swimmers.