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Serapool Porcelain, the Shining Star at Archello

Serapool Porcelain, the Shining Star at Archello

Serapool, a Shining Star in Archello

Archello, a leading platform for innovative and inspiring projects in the world of architecture and design, has acquired the Serapool brand. This is an important step that increases Serapool's prestige in the sector and its recognition in the international arena.

Serapool, is known for its superior performance and aesthetic understanding in the field of pool design and flooring. Serapool draws attention with its  100% porcelain pool tiles and ceramics developed especially for olympic pools and living pools. These products are said to be critical in giving olympic swimming pools and living pools a unique and aesthetic appearance. Being featured on Archello allows this achievement and their innovative approach to be appreciated by a wide audience. The brand's projects offer the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, and are characterized by their eco-friendly practices and use of sustainable materials.

It examines how Serapool's presence at Archello has had an impact on the brand's architecture and design. Serapool's projects attract attention not only in Turkey but also internationally, shaping innovative trends in the sector. Taking part in Archello is not only a matter of prestige for Serapool, but also an opportunity that reinforces its leading position in the sector.

As a result, Serapool's presence at Archello can be considered as a success that recognizes the brand's quality and leadership in the sector at an international level. This success both enables the brand to reach a wider audience in the global arena and represents the innovative face of Turkey in the world of architecture and design.

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