Universal In-Pool Tile UNT25

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In the production of pool coating materials, we produce much higher quality 100% pool porcelain products instead of pool ceramic products and bring them together with our customers.

Starting from the pool flooring processes, we create happy customers with high quality pool tile models that positively affect the use and life of the pool.

We are the only brand that can produce 100% porcelain pool tiles with a longer lifetime and higher durability than pool ceramics and can do this individually.

You can review our colorful pool tile products and contact us for your questions.

ColorYellow, Red, White, Blue, Light blue, Cobalt, Turquoise, Black, Light Green
Dimensions12,5 x 25 cm
Surface OptionsGlazed
Usage areasIn-Pool
Box Piece0
Box m2: 0 ㎡
Box kg: 0 kg
Palette Piece: 0
Palette m2: 0 ㎡
Palette kg:0 kg
Tile Width0 mm
Tile Length0 mm
Tile Thickness0 mm
Tile Weight0 kg