Universal Grating - Porcelain Color - 25x50 cm

Universal Grating - Porcelain Color - 25x50 cm SKU: UGP12
100% Porselen

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Grids are pool materials on the sides of the pool that prevent the water overflowing from the pool from spreading around.

100% porcelain pool grids are far superior to pool ceramic grid models in terms of quality, lifetime and durability.

Our pool sluice grate models, prepared with high quality raw materials and different cooking techniques, are suitable for use as a poolside grate.

You can have these products, also known as pool drain gratings, with the Serapool privilege and use them for many years.

Our pool grate products, which we produce in different models and different sizes, can be used in all pools regardless of the form of your pool, as they are portable and malleable.

If we have a product that you want to be produced specifically for you and the dimensions of your project, please contact us.