Universal Antislip Tile SKU: UA10
100% Porselen

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Handle Anti-slip tiles are anti-slip tiles that are laid after the poolside handles, reducing the risk of slipping and falling.

As Serapool, Universal Handle Anti-Slip, which we produce from 100% porcelain material, has a much more durable structure than non-slip ceramics.

Since the pool grips we produce are produced as porcelain and the space between particles is very low, their water absorption properties are very low.

In this way, our products prevent the formation of bacteria and every pool in which our products are used has a hygienic identity with its non-slip feature.

These special tile models we produce are produced in different tile sizes according to needs. In this way, you can find the model suitable for your project among our products.

In addition, due to different tile sizes, it requires less joint usage and saves money.

As Serapool, we offer more aesthetic solutions to your pools thanks to these non-slip floor tiles.

Since all our products are 100% porcelain and produced with special formulas at very high firing temperatures, maximum ± 5% dimensional deviations are possible.