Teak Smoke Flex Grating

Teak Smoke Flex Grating SKU: TS2550GF
100% Porselen

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Pool side grates are functional pool materials with a structure that prevents the overflowing water from spreading around.
We produce these products that can be used by the pool as 100% porcelain.
As Serapool, we produce different poolside grid models for those who want to get different views in the pools.
Teak Smoke Flex Grating, also known as pool drain grating, is safe against possible accidents and injuries because of its high breaking strength.
These specially designed and manufactured parts are resistant to high temperatures and frost.
Thanks to the special formulation used in its production, it has a stain-proof structure.
Thanks to its minimum water absorption feature, it can be preferred in the construction of pools where hygiene and health are at the forefront, such as school pools, hotel pools and public pools.
It has an easy-to-clean structure and offers a long service life.
We also have other grating models such as weir grate, rain duct grate, pool canal grid.
Thanks to its 100% porcelain structure, it is much more durable and healthy than ceramic grill models.
If you contact us, production can be made specially for you and your project.