Relief Antislip Tile (Corund) - Grey

Relief Antislip Tile (Corund) - Grey SKU: 25409
100% Porselen

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All of our products in the terrace anti-skid category are 100% porcelain.

Corundum Relief Terrace Anti-Slip product, also known as porcelain pool edge non-slip and terrace anti-slip, is more durable than non-slip ceramic products and is of higher quality.

With its high quality raw material and special production techniques, it offers more vivid colors with a longer service life.

You can realize the living spaces of your dreams with 100% porcelain non-slip tiles produced in different sizes and styles.

You can contact us to get price information about our products, which have different prices compared to pool edge non-slip ceramic prices, or to ask questions you are curious about.