R&D and Design


Serapool, which produces boutique and personalized pool covering materials with the principle of difference and naturalness, aims to contribute to the country's economy by producing high value-added products using the limited natural resources in with maximum efficiency.

Our R&D and design team, working non-stop to develop a new product & a new design, has adopted the principle of being fashion, not followers of the fashion, while closely pursuing technological and sectoral developments.

Our company, which pursues more hygienic, more functional, more robust and more aesthetic products every day, continues to compete with itself in the sector and in the world.

While bringing a new breath to the pools with the innovations it makes every year, the new designs it brings to the sector and the new products it adds to its product range, it has become indispensable for sellers, installers and end users with more hygiene, higher quality and a more aesthetic appearance.

With the responsibility required by the leadership, Serapool has become a brand that not only grows its own business but also improves the vision of the sector with the innovations it has put forward.