Quality Policy


In the ever-changing and developing world, we spend our existing energy for change and development, we do not care the present only but the future also and we design the future.


Starting from the philosophy of not being equal day to day for a bright future, we carry our work further and achieve perfection. To facilitate the work we do through team work, to make it enjoyable and efficient, to share the added value with our customers and employees and to reach happiness. To serve our country and humanity as a company with universal values, respectful to human and environment, honesty, trustworthy, reliable and reputable.


Nowadays, it is necessary to respond to customer requests which become more selective and more conscious and to be present in constantly changing market conditions; In order to advance in line with mission, vision, ideas and expectations and to improve the quality of life of the society and people, it is very important to make the right level of trust, perfection, and work. With this understanding; Serapool, has adopted a policy to respond customer expectations as soon as possible, to provide the highest benefit to its customers, to be the best solution partner with products and services and continuous customer satisfaction, choosing the quality as a lifestyle, keeping customer needs at the highest level, differentiating the quality and quality of service from competitors.