Porcelain Tile T Series Border -10 (Albatros-A)

Porcelain Tile T Series Border -10 (Albatros-A) SKU: T8015-A
100% Porselen

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Borders are decorative and functional building materials that can be used for many different purposes in architectural projects, homes and gardens.
With Serapool border products, you can get a different look in your pools and landscaping.
Our Porcelain Tile T Series Border products will add aesthetics to your pools with different patterns.
Pool borders, produced as 100% porcelain, have a higher quality and more vibrant appearance than ceramic border models.
These products, also known as faience borders, differ from their counterparts with their high quality raw materials and different cooking techniques with the latest technology.
Border prices, which can be produced specifically for all your needs in terms of design, vary according to the border models.
Thanks to its minimum water absorption feature, it can be preferred in the construction of pools where hygiene and health are at the forefront, such as school pools, hotel pools and public pools.
You can contact us to get more detailed information about Borders and to find answers to your questions.