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Porcelain Mosaics

POOL COATING MATERIALS                                                     

Porcelain mosaics are high quality pool mosaic coating materials produced by Serapool specifically for pool coating processes.

Since they are produced as 100% porcelain, in terms of special cooking techniques and the quality of the raw material used;

It has higher strength than ceramic mosaic and glass mosaic pool coating materials.

It has a very low water absorption rate via its porcelain structure and thus prevents bacterial growth.

Those who want to build pools with high hygiene should prefer.

Different color options and mosaic tile sizes are produced as options. It provides options to build pools that fit your style.

It requires less joint usage and provides cost savings thanks to its special structure.

Porcelain is resistant to climatic conditions, high temperature and freezing through its physical structure, which is strengthened due to the firing of porcelain at high temperatures.

It is also appropriate for use in areas such as spa and Turkish baths outside the pool.

Pool flooring materials that we produce with 2.5x2.5 mosaic, 5x5 porcelain mosaic, 5x10 porcelain mosaic and Ø2.65 porcelain mosaic are available.         

In addition to this, we have mosaic models such as Miele, Versicolor, Hexagon with different appearance and color options.

As Serapool, it can be used synchronously with other pool coating materials we produce with the building pools that you want with an aesthetic identity and quality comfort.

You can examine our pool covering materials and porcelain mosaic products and you can contact us to experience the transparency processes we carry out from production to flooring and to get more detailed information.