Pool Overflow Channels

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Pool Overflow Channels

POOL WATER DRAIN CHANNELS                                     

Pool Overflow drains are pool water drain channels that are specially produced for use by the pool and used to collect the water overflowing the poolside as a result of the wavings in the pool.

There are different types of these special pool products, which we can also call the poolside drain system.

These systems, which vary depending on the project of the pool to be built, can be listed as follows;

Pool Tunnel System

Overflow Drains

Internal Overflow Drains

Pool Flood Gate Drain

Profiled Channels

It is made of 100% porcelain material. It prevents the formation of bacteria and allows healthier pools to be built since the water absorption rates are at very low levels.

These products, which have high breaking strength because they are fired and pressed at high temperatures, are resistant to high temperatures and freezing.

Much more hygienic pools can be built, especially by using the Tunnel System, which has been produced and patented for the first time in the world by Serapool.

You can read our article titled `` How Pool Overflow Drains Work?''  for more detailed information about the working logic of all these systems,

Do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information about our products, which are popularly known as poolside gutters or pool gutters.