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Pool Handles


Pool Handles are poolside handle products specially designed for easy access to and exit from the pools.

If we list the properties that can be considered essential for pool handles which can be produced by using very different materials, we can say the following matters:

  • It should be resistant to impacts and it should not be easily broken and cause injuries.
  • It should be water resistant because it will be in constant contact with water.
  • It should be resistant to the climatic conditions to be exposed in open-air pools
  • It should be resistant to stains because it cannot be cleaned continuously
  • It should have an aesthetic appearance because it will be used in an area that will affect the perception of space such as a pool.
  • It should be easy to apply because it will be used in different pool types and forms.
  • It should be hygienic since the pools are generally used for public use.

In addition to this, there are many criteria that can be considered essential for pool handles at the application point. For instance;

  • It should require less joint use and it should save costs
  • Through its special dimensions, it should offer ease of flooring
  • It should provide different size and color options

When we consider all these criteria, it can be understood that the most suitable material for pool handles is porcelain. For this reason, we manufacture 100% porcelain pool handles to build quality pools.

Ceramic pool handles or metal pool corner handles are much weaker than porcelain pool handles when it is evaluated in this respect.

As the dimensions of the pools differ according to the project, the dimensions of the pool handle to be used in these projects also differ. In this direction, we design and produce the pool handles that we produce in sizes applicable to every pool.

In addition to this, if you contact us and submit your project, we can produce special handle models and pool handle dimensions for you and your project.

You can examine our pool handle models under our handles category, and contact us to get information about pool handle tiles prices.