Piazza Turquoise Concave SKU: PT33IB
100% Porselen

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Concave and convex parts are 100% porcelain pool accessories that are specially designed and produced depending on the risky situations and aesthetic improvement needs in pools. Piazza Turquoise Concave Joining Piece, which can be used in and around the pool, is a 100% porcelain pool product. The convex and convex parts that add an aesthetic appearance to the pools have a harmonious appearance with other pool materials used in pool construction processes. With these pieces, which are 100% porcelain, risky situations due to the sharp edges of the pools are prevented and healthy pools can be built. These specially designed and manufactured parts are resistant to high temperatures and frost. Thanks to the special formulation used in its production, it has a stain-proof structure. Thanks to its minimum water absorption feature, it can be preferred in the construction of pools where hygiene and health are at the forefront, such as school pools, hotel pools and public pools. It can be cleaned easily. It has a long service life. If you contact us, production can be made specially for you and your project.

Dimensions4 x 33 cm, 4 x 4 cm
Gloss / MattMatt
Usage areasPoolside
Types of UseConcave, Concave Corner, Concave Base