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Terrace Antislips


Terrace antislips are our specially designed antislip porcelain tile products that can be used in the pool, landscaping, terrace construction processes and all other outdoor projects.
All of our products in the terrace anti-skid category are 100% Porcelain.

  • The antislip terrace tiles we produce as Serapool Porcelain have following features;
    • It has a minimum water absorption level thanks to its porcelain structure and thus prevents bacterial growth.
    • It is resistant to high temperature, frost and climatic conditions.
    • It is resistant to impacts and has high breaking strength.
    • It has high chemical resistance.
    • It requires less joint usage and provides cost savings thanks to its special structure.
    • It provides ease of flooring and saves time thanks to its special design.
    • These products, also known as porcelain poolside antislip and terrace antislip, is more durable and higher quality than non-porcelain antislip ceramic products.

It offers more vivid colors with a longer service life with its high quality raw material and special production techniques.

You can bring the living spaces of your dreams to life with 100% porcelain antislip tiles produced in different sizes and styles.

You can contact us to get price information about our products, which have different prices compared to the prices of antislip ceramics on the poolside or to ask questions you are curious about.