Novita Profiled Antislip Tiles Internal Corner

Novita Profiled Antislip Tiles Internal Corner SKU: 202420IK
100% Porselen

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Handle antislip tiles are floor tiles placed after the pool edge handle and specially designed to eliminate the risk of slipping.
Novita Handle Anti-slip is a non-slip floor tile made of 100% porcelain material.
Since it is produced as porcelain, it has a much more durable and healthy structure than non-slip ceramic models.
Thanks to its minimum water absorption feature, it can be preferred in the construction of pools where hygiene and health are at the forefront, such as school pools, hotel pools and public pools.
Handle grips are specially designed to prevent the tiles from slipping and produced accordingly.
100% porcelain handle non-slip has a structure that is much more resistant to high temperatures and freezing than non-slip tile models.