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Ladder Antislips


Ladder anti-slips, also known as pool ladder tiles, is one of the most crucial pool coating materials that should be chosen attentively in pool construction processes.

These pool products, which have a functional task such as making the entrance and exit to the pools in a good way, also directly affects the appearance of the pools.

One of the main requirements for high quality pools is pool ladder tiles with a long service life and high anti-slip properties.

Although pool ladder anti-slips can be produced in the form of metal and ceramic ladder, 100% porcelain ladder tiles have a much more aesthetic appearance than these and it provides a much higher lifetime. The ladder tiles we produce as Serapool have following features;

It has a minimum water absorption level thanks to its porcelain structure and thus prevents bacterial growth.

It is resistant to high temperature, frost and climatic conditions.

It is resistant to impacts and has high breaking strength.

It has high chemical resistance.

It requires less joint usage and provides cost savings thanks to its special structure.

It provides ease of flooring and saves time thanks to its special design.

Serapool ladder anti-slip provides a much more aesthetic and natural appearance than metal ladders with much less water absorption rate than ladder ceramic

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