Infinity Handle & Stair Tile UIH10

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Infinity Handhold & Stair Anti-Slip product;

  • Pool Side Handle and
  • You can use it as a Pool Stair Anti-Slip.

This product, which we produce as 100% porcelain, can be produced in different sizes and colors.

Thanks to its porcelain structure, our product, which has a water absorption rate of less than 0.5%, prevents bacterial growth and can be used when building hygienic pools.

Porcelain is resistant to high temperatures, freezing and climatic conditions in terms of firing temperature, cooking techniques and quality of the raw material used.

Infinity Handhold & Stair Anti-Slip product, produced in world standards, has a long service life and is resistant to breakage.

It is produced in a non-slip tile structure in order to prevent the risks of slipping and falling that may occur at the entrance and exit of the pool.

Since it is produced as porcelain, ceramic is non-slip and more durable than ceramic handles.

It is suitable for use in hotel pools, villa pools, training pools, thermal pools and all types of pools.

You can contact us to get more detailed information about the Infinity Handhold & Stair Anti-Slip product and to learn the prices of the pool handle.

ColorUnglazed - Cobalt, Anthracite Grey, Unglazed - Turquoise, Unglazed - Green
Dimensions30 x 50 cm, 12,5 x 25 cm, 12,5 x 50 cm
Feature OptionsAntislip Tile
Surface OptionsGlazed, Semi Glazed
Usage areasPoolside, In-Pool, Poolside & In-Pool
Types of UseEdge
Box Piece0
Box m2: 0 ㎡
Box kg: 0 kg
Palette Piece: 0
Palette m2: 0 ㎡
Palette kg:0 kg
Tile Width0 mm
Tile Length0 mm
Tile Thickness0 mm
Tile Weight0 kg