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In-Pool Tiles

Crucial attention should be paid to the selection of in-pool tiles in pool construction processes. Because in-pool coating materials affect the quality of the pool in various ways from the appearance of the pool to the comfort of use.

The quality of the selected product is undoubtedly one of the most important things to consider when choosing pool flooring products. As Serapool, we provide our customers products that have proven their quality in 100% porcelain pool tiles.

These products, which we produce as 100% porcelain, have many properties that distinguish them from other pool coating materials.

Our products differ from their equivalents in terms of the very high temperature at which porcelain is baked, special pressing techniques, other special techniques used in the production process and the quality of the raw material used in production:

As the water absorption rate of porcelain tiles is below 0.5%, it does not absorb water and prevents bacterial growth. Thus, porcelain pool tiles can be preferred in the construction of much more hygienic pools.

Through the special techniques we use in the production of 100% porcelain tiles we produce, it has high resistance to very high temperatures, freezing and all kinds of climatic conditions. The reason why this property is so crucial is the direct exposure of outdoor pools to sunlight and other climatic conditions.

While the effect of chlorine and similar cleaning chemicals used in pool water negatively affects products such as ceramic tiles and glass mosaics in the long term, porcelain has a much higher resistance to chemical reactions.

All pool covering tiles we produce are stain-proof.

Serapool Pool Covering Materials, which allows you to reflect your style to your pool with many different color options, also requires less joint use via different pool tile sizes and allows you to save costs.

Thanks to their different sizes, our products that you can use in pool flooring provide ease of flooring.

Porcelain tiles are much more strength than pool ceramics thanks to the special techniques used in their production.

You can contact us to get more detailed information about 100% porcelain Serapool pool ceramics and to make an order.