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Handle Antislips



Handle Antislip tiles are antislip tiles that are laid after the poolside handles, reducing the risk of slipping and falling.

As Serapool, the handle antislips that we produce from 100% porcelain material have a much more durable structure than antislip ceramics.

Because the pool handles we produce are made of porcelain and the space between particles is very low, its water absorption properties are very low.

In this way, our products prevent bacterial growt and every pool in which our products are used has a hygienic identity with its antislip feature.

These special tile models we produce are produced in different tile sizes according to requirements. So you can find the model appropriate for your project among our products.

In addition to this, it requires less joint usage and saves money due to different tile sizes.

As Serapool, we provide more aesthetic solutions to your pools via these antislip floor tiles.

Maximum ± 5% dimensional deviations are possible as all our products are 100% porcelain and produced with special formulas at very high firing temperatures.



The most crucial point in the selection of materials to be used in swimming pools is the selection of the most appropriate material for the required place and the thought of preventing accidents that may occur as a result of slipping. This risk can be minimized by using materials with various grades of antislip properties on wet floors. There are various standards and test methods in determining the antislip class. Serapool determines the antislip class of the product by making tests in accordance with the German DIN51097 norm.


Class A:

Antislip level appropriate for use in areas where you can walk barefoot, such as corridors, changing rooms.

It is appropriate for use on pool floors between 80 cm and 35 cm depth (used by those who do not know swimming)

It provides almost dry use in sauna and relaxation areas.

The angle of the inclined plane in the tests performed to determine the degree of antislipness in the products of this class is 12 degrees.


Class B:

It is appropriate for use in areas where antislipness higher than A class is required and where you can walk barefoot.

It is at the level of antislipness available around the shower and pool.

It can be used the following areas: In pool floors shallower than 80 cm deep (used by those who do not know swimming),

On the bases of the non-swimmer section of the wave pools,

At the head of the ladders, on the ladders extending into the pool - on the ladders with a maximum width of 1 meter and with handles on both sides

in ladder steps and areas outside the pool area.

It is appropriate for in sauna and relaxation areas not defined in class A,

in relaxation area steps and underwater niches.

The angle of the inclined plane in the tests performed to determine the degree of antislipness is 18 degrees.


Class C:


It is appropriate for pool entrance steps that require more antislipness than class B,

Swimming pools and

in sloping designed poolside.

The angle of inclined plane in the tests performed to determine the degree of antislipness is 24 degrees.