Express consent; express consent on a particular subject, based on information and expressed with free will, and this explicit consent text; It contains information on certain topics listed below, and we would like to remind you that you are free to approve or disapprove of this text.

Serapool Porcelain San. and Tic. Inc. (the “Company”), in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (the “Law”);

To provide better and higher quality products and services, to ensure corporate communication, to make statistical studies, to make payments, to carry out and develop operations, to carry out promotion, marketing, advertising and campaign activities of products and services, to inform customers about opportunities, campaigns and other services, and to communicate with customers. To fulfill the requirements of the contracts concluded, to ensure the fulfillment of legal obligations as required or required by legal regulations, to fulfill the burden of proof as evidence in future legal disputes, to follow up on legal affairs and similar purposes,

The processing of my personal data defined in the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, its use limited to the purpose of processing within the scope of the relevant process, sharing with real or private legal entities and authorized public institutions or organizations upon request, and sharing and keeping a cloud company abroad for data storage. , I find it appropriate to reach me via SMS (Short message), E-mail, voice mail, answering machine and similar means, to keep my personal data for the required period of time, and I accept that I have been informed about this matter, that I have read and understood this text, and that I expressly consent to the processing of my personal data. .