Adjustable Petit Carre Handle External Corner

Adjustable Petit Carre Handle External Corner SKU: 104-2007DK
100% Porselen

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Pool handles are functional products that are used in pools and make it easier for people who enter the pool to hold.
Adjustable Petit Carre Handle External Corner product is suitable for use in the outer parts of the pool corners.
Since it is 100% porcelain, it has minimum water absorption, it is resistant to very high temperatures and frost.
It can be used in the construction of pools that are open to public use such as sports complexes, hotel pools, thermal pools, site pools, aquaparks and private villa pools, where hygiene and health are at the forefront.
It offers ease of laying and ease of use thanks to its various pool handle sizes.
Serapool pool handle models, which offer high hygiene possibilities because they are porcelain, allow the construction of pools that do not harm health.
Thanks to its specially designed structure, it provides cost savings by allowing the use of less joints.
Maximum ± 5% dimensional deviation is possible.
It allows you to build the pool of your dreams with its aesthetic appearance.
It is stain-proof thanks to its 100% porcelain structure.
It has high chemical resistance against acid and alkali substances.
Thanks to its non-slip feature, it provides easy holding and minimizes the risky situations that may occur by the pool.
Special production can be made for you.